News Archive: 2004 Headlines

Finally - Domestically Manufactured Wildwater Designs Dec 29, 2004
  The USA Wildwater Committee has been in negotiations with two boats builders.
2005 Wildwater Team Trials - Invitation to International Athletes Dec 27, 2004
  The USA Wildwater Team Trials organizing committee has asked the International Canoe Federation to designate the 2005 USA Canoe & Kayak Wildwater Team Trials an International Race.
2005 Wildwater Team Trials Dec 21, 2004
  The Nantahala Racing Club (NRC) has signed Carolina West Sports Medicine of Sylva, NC as title sponsor for the 2005 Wildwater Team Trials, March 5th and 6th 2005 on the Nantahala River.
NRC Jiffy Wildwater Race Dec 5, 2004
  The 2004 Nantahala Racing Club Jiffy Wildwater race bought out 24 top contenders.
Calling All Wildwater Canoeists Dec 1, 2004
  Come out and play.
USA Wildwater 2004 Highlights and Challenges Nov 15, 2004
  A View from the Chair.
Tohickon Wildwater Classic Results Nov 14, 2004
  Thanks to all who participated in the weekend races on the Tohickon River.
USA Wildwater Team Bylaws Nov 8, 2004
  The USA Wildwater Team Bylaws have been finalized.
2004 Animal Upper Gauley Race Report Nov 5, 2004
  McEwan Fastest at Animal Upper Gauley Race.
2005 USA Wildwater Team Trials Nantahala Bound! Nov 1, 2004
  The Nantahala Racing Club is awarded the 2005 USA Wildwater Junior and Senior Team Trials.
A Plea For Sponsors Oct 24, 2004
  The USA Wildwater Team is looking for sponsors.
"Stein-a-mite" paddler glides onto the world stage Oct 24, 2004
  Check out this USOC link for an article about our own Emily Stein.
Now is the Time!!! Oct 22, 2004
  Put your plans together for next year and act on those plans.
Calling all Seniors and Masters Racers. Oct 19, 2004
  Learn more about the 2005 and 2006 Masters and Seniors Championships.
52 Mile Suwannee Challenge Race Oct 16, 2004
  A 52-mile (or 83-km) downriver race on the Suwannee River.
Zastera Composites soon available
in the United States
Oct 6, 2004
  Geoff Calhoun reaches tentative agreement to import boats from the world's largest Wildwater kayak manufacturer.
2003 Wildwater World Cups Video Oct 2, 2004
  "Wild West Wildwater" is the exclusive documentary about the ICF's 2003 Wildwater World Cups, held in the Western USA on the Kern River in June of 2003.
Changes to the USA Wildwater Bylaws Oct 1, 2004
  USA Wildwater is in the process of updating our bylaws. We request that you review the changes and give your feedback to John Pinyerd, Chairman, no later than October 31, 2004.
Fall Wildwater Training in the D.C. Area Sep 28, 2004
  An update from Coach Bob Bofinger on training in the D.C. area this fall.
Results from the Junior Pre-Worlds Championships Sep 15, 2004
  We are extremely proud of the success of the USA Wildwater Junior Team at the Junior Pre-Worlds which were held July 29 through Aug. 1 in Vipiteno Italy.
Animal Upper Gauley Race (Sep. 27th) Aug 31, 2004
  This race is an extreme event a down river sprint on nine miles of the revered Upper Gauley River.
Tohickon Wildwater Classics
(November 6 & 7)
Aug 27, 2004
  The Linganore Racing Club is sponsoring the races, being organized by Bob Bofinger.
2004 USA Wildwater National Championships Aug 17, 2004
  A wrapup of the USA Wildwater National Championships held on the Salmom River in Pulaski, NY.
Call for Venue Bids: 2005 Team Trials Aug 9, 2004
  Bids are sought from organizing committees to host the 2005 US Wildwater Team Trials, East Coast US Wildwater Junior Team Trials and West Coast Wildwater Junior TeamTrials.
Competing in the Junior Pre-World Championships in Italy. Aug 9, 2004
  Emily Stein on what it means to compete in a championship race.
2004 Upper Yough Race Aug 9, 2004
  Race results (pdf file).
Wildwater is Alive & Well in Colorado Jul 22, 2004
  2004 Western Junior Team Trials Reults.
2004 World Cup Results - Race #5 & Overall Jul 12, 2004
  Cup Races #5 & #6 Results.
2004 FiBArk Race Results Jul 10, 2004
  The Longest, Oldest, Most Prestigious and Toughest Wildwater Race...on Earth(?)
North American Wildwater 2004 Championships Jul 10, 2004
  Consider attending these great race venues on the Arkansas River in June - FIBARK Junior West Coast Team Trials.
2004 Southeasterns Jun 14, 2004
  The Classiest of Classic Wildwater Races - The 36th Annual Southeastern US Wildwater Championships.
World Cup 3 & 4 Results Jun 9, 2004
  USA Wildwater Team Gives Solid Performance.
Thank You Sponsors! Jun 9, 2004
  USA Wildwater Appreciates The Support Our Sponsors Provide... Readers, Please Take a Moment to Read This Article.
Summer Race Options in Colorado Jun 9, 2004
  Salida hosts June races.
World Championship Results Jun 4, 2004
  USA Wildwater Team Standings.
World Cup 1 & 2 Results Jun 4, 2004
US Nationals & CanAms - Aug. 7 & 12
Mark the Dates!
Jun 4, 2004
  US Nationals and Canadian Wildwater Championships combine forNorth American rankings.
2004 US East Coast Team Trials May 19, 2004
Outdoor Inc - Canoe/Kayak Race May 10, 2004
  USAWildwater Treasurer and K-1 Team Member Chris Hipgrave describes his own rite of spring, the 23-year-old downriver race on the Mighty Mississippi.
Gauley Race DVDs May 10, 2004
  USA 2004 Widwater Team Trials DVD Available.
Great Week of Racing in Pennsylvania May 10, 2004
  The Red Moshannon Race attracted 162 boats in 2004... USAWildwater K-1 Team Member Geoff Calhoun shares race highlights & results.
Little Falls Race - A Classic May 10, 2004
  USAWildwater C-1 Team Member Bob Bofinger shares race hightlights & results.
Wildwater US Open Mar 21, 2004
  USAWildwater Chairman John Pinyerd describes great weekend of whitewater racing.
2003 Wildwater Rankings Mar 7, 2004
  The 2003 national wildwater rankings.
2004 Lower Yough Sprint & Classic Race Mar 5, 2004
  Race organizer Jess Whittemore encourages all comers.
2004 Cedar River Race Results Mar 4, 2004
  USAWildwater C-1 Team Member Tom Weir lists highlights and results from the First Races of the 2004 Northeat Whitewater Cup.
Asheville news article explains the art of whitewater racing. Mar 3, 2004
  Cold weather no deterrent prospective team members.
Kids Kick Butt at Glacier Breaker. Mar 3, 2004
  Chris Hipgrave posts race results as well as an interesting article.
2004 Team Trials, April 17-18 Featured in Charleston Daily Mail Feb 19, 2004
  Outdoor Editor John McCoy discusses how West Virginia's famous rivers have attracted yet one more world class event.
2004 USA Team Trials - April 17-18 - Mark the Date! Feb 19, 2004
  Plan now to be in West Virginia for the 2004 US East Coast Team Trials for Juniors and Seniors.
Getting Ready for the Trials: A Wildwater Primer to the 2004 Selection Process Feb 19, 2004
  Chris Hipgrave fills you in on what it takes to Make "The Team" in 2004.
2004 Team Trials Feb 18, 2004
  Press Release by Donnie Hudspeth.
Successful Training Camp in Atlanta Jan 19, 2004
  Cold Weather no deterrent to determined junior athletes
Final Election Results Announced: USACK Wildwater Committee Chair Jan 7, 2004
  John Pinyerd wins by unanimous decision.

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