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Czech Republic Dominates Wildwater World Cup Races 3 & 4

USA Wildwater Team Gives Solid Performance

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chair

June 9, 2004 -- Atlanta, GA

I've got bad news and I've great news. First the bad news.... yours truly is not the best little cutter and paster that you've ever met and I accidentally left Lincoln Williams off of the results. Here's the good news.... Lincoln was buried away in the middle of the results. That's right! In his first year of wildwater racing, Lincoln made the Wildwater Team and is beating some Euros...... which is something that I'd love for everyone to start thinking about for next year. Please see the updated results below:

JUNE 5-6 2004, TEPLA RIVER, KARLOVY VARY CZECH REPUBLIC - It was a weekend of upsets as the Czech Republic did extremely well in Wildwater World Cups III-IV on their home course.

USA Wildwater did very well overall against the best in the World on their home courses. Four of our racers (Tom Wier, Chris Hipgrave, Geoff Calhoun, Middy Tilghman) were close to the 10% (back, off the leader) mark. In his first year of Wildwater racing, Lincoln Williams did well by knocking off several of Europeans. Geoff Calhoun (who is still a Junior but is racing at the Senior level) has made amazing improvement over the past year. If his progress continues, he will be the top USA K-1 and a potential powerhouse in international wildwater competition.>

Kristen Beck (who finished 22nd in both races) reports that "the races were very fun and exciting and we all had a great time. Although Geoff made the races look easy, the river held a few surprises. Ann Connelly (USA Team) was a star. She flipped in the last sprint and got back in her boat in the middle of the current and finished the race, earning the respect of everyone."

We are very proud our team. Please see the abbreviated results are below. Complete results of World Cup III and IV can be viewed at:


Classic Race - K-1
1. MRÚZEK Kamil CZE 19:55.37
2. SLOVÁK Tomáš CZE 20:01.19
3. KNEBEL Robert CZE 20:07.81
36. TILGHMAN Middy USA 22:17.04
37. CALHOUN Geoff USA 22:27.88
39. HIPGRAVE Chris USA 22:37.30
42. WILLIAMS Lincoln USA 26:07.80

Classic Race - K-1W
1. STRNADOVÁ Michala CZE 21:36.70
2. EICHENBERGER Sabine SUI 21:46.95
3. HEIDRICH Alexandra GER 21:48.66
22. BECK Kristen USA 29:54.96
23. CONNELLY Anne USA 40:18.27

Classic Race - C1
1. STIEFENHFER Stefan GER 22:24.31
2. HOHNJEC Tomislav CRO 22:33.01
3. LEPAN Tomislav CRO 22:45.88
25. WIER Tom USA 25:03.87
29. BECK Mike USA 26:46.28

Sprint Race - K-1
1. MERCATI Carlo ITA 3:30.40
2. WOHLERS Florian GER 3:30.91
3. SLOVÁK Tomáš CZE 3:31.00
30. CALHOUN Geoff USA 3:53.90
32. TILGHMAN Middy USA 3:54.37
34. HIPGRAVE Chris USA 3:59.61
38. WILLIAMS Lincoln USA 4:43.66

Sprint Race - K-1W
1. STRNADOVÁ Michala CZE 3:50.07
2. EICHENBERGER Sabine SUI 3:54.32
22. BECK Kristen USA 5:22.89
23. CONNELLY Anne USA 6:27.23

Sprint Race - C-1
1. HOHNJEC Tomislav CRO 4:04.78
2. PANATO Vladi Carlo ITA 4:07.11
3. LEPAN Tomislav CRO 4:07.66
21. WIER Tom USA 4:27.68
25. BECK Mike USA 4:47.36

John Pinyerd
USACK - Wildwater Committee Chairman

John inyerd is Chair of the U.S. Wildwater Committee and a C-1 Wildwater racer living in Atlanta. Reach him at