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USA Wildwater Team Bylaws

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chair

November 8, 2004 -- Atlanta, GA

The WWC completed amending our Bylaws on November 6th with unanimous votes or near/unanimous votes on all sections of the new Amendment 3. Here is an overview of the changes (see the link at the bottom of this article to view the complete Bylaws):

  1. National Championships will be awarded to the National Champions in Sprint, Classic, and as well as the Combined Champions. Doing so will allow sprint and distance athletes to concentrate on what they do best and still have the opportunity to medal at Nationals. In addition, this facilitates racers from other disciplines (such as Slalom and Sprint) to have more meaningful participation.

  2. The Team selection criteria was also updated to include more emphasis on sprint, to establish minimum percentages to earn a berth on the team, and to establish procedure for anyone that can not attend team trials. The new selection criteria are:

    • Winner of the Classic
    • Winner of the Sprint Event (based on the combined times of two Sprint races/heats)
    • The remaining places on the team will be filled based on the best combined percentages from the Sprint and Classic Event

    Racers must record a time within a minimum percentage of the fastest boat (in any class) in either the Classic, OR the Sprint Event to be selected to the USA Wildwater Team. The general guidelines for the minimum percentage are:

    • K-1 Men: 23% + 0% = 23%
    • K-1 Women: 23% + 10% = 33%
    • C-2: 23% + 10% = 33%
    • C-1: 23% + 15% = 38%

The WWC also voted unanimously to extend these guidelines to the 2005 Team Trails on the Nantahala, with the exception that the C-2's will be given and additional 5% on their class handicap (bringing their minimum to 38%) due to the shallow water.

Athletes who are unable to attend the National Team Trials must complete several criteria to be CONSIDERED by the WWC. The athlete should have been a former team member and must petition the board well in advance to the date of the National Team Trails with a verifiable alternative plan for earning a berth.

We are excited to implement these changes and to make Wildwater much more friendly to pure sprinters as well as our distance athletes.

The complete bylaws can be found at

John Pinyerd
Chairman - USA Wildwater