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2004 US Nationals and CanAms - Aug 7 & 12 - Mark The Dates!

US and Canadian Nationals Team Up as the 2004 Canadian-American Races

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chair

June 4, 2004 -- Atlanta, GA

Please plan on participating with me in the US Nationals and the Can-Am Wildwater Championships. I am extremely excited to announce that the Can-Am championships, also designated as the North American championships, will consist of the combined result from the US Nationals and the Canadian Wildwater Championships.

The organizers are also trying to make this a Pan American championship if we can get 5 countries to attend.

The US Nationals will be determined on the same basis as always, i.e. combining the sprint and classic results using percentages off the winner.

The Canadian Nationals are only a classic race. Please note these are part of the combined Canadian slalom and wildwater nationals with the slalom at Valleyfield from August 13th to 15th.

The results will then be combined using the ICF points system used in the World Cups, i.e. for men's kayak 100 points to the winner of each Nationals, 95 points to second place, 91 to 3rd, 88 to 4th, 86 to 5th, 85 to 6th, 84 to 7th, etc.

Awards will be given to the North American Champion in each class provided we have at least 3 boats in the class at both races, including men's and women's kayak, men's C-1 and C-2, junior men's and women's kayak (under 18 on January 1, 2004 ) and junior C-1 and C-2. Other classes may be added if numbers warrant, i.e. women's C-1, cadetclasses (under 14 on January 1, 2004 )

These races are about 3 and ½ hours drive apart.


US Nationals:
August 7th and 8th Salmon River, Pulaski, New York
Please see the website at or contact Harold Van Winssen at

Canadian Nationals
August 12th, Rouge River Canyon, Montebello, Quebec, Canada
Please see the website at and click on the English version.

John Pinyerd
USACK - Wildwater Committee Chairman

John Pinyerd is Chair of the U.S. Wildwater Committee and a C-1 Wildwater racer living in Atlanta. Reach him at