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Successful Training Camp in Atlanta

Cold weather no deterrent to determined junior athletes.

by John Pinyerd
USAWildwater Committee Chair

January 19, 2004 -- Atlanta, GA

It was truly exciting to see 20 Wildwater boats pour into the parking lot at the local metro Atlanta Chattahoochee.

It should come as no surprise that we held a great training camp in Atlanta. The mild winter weather and some great training areas for flatwater and easy whitewater gave us an excellent venue to work with.

All I can say to those who dimissed the camp and could have been here is...see you next at the next training camp (which will be tied into the NRC Glacier Breaker race and will be held on the Nantahala, February 21-22).

Chris Hipgrave did an outstanding job of organizing and coaching the event. His knowledge of world-class kayaking technique and his dedication to our sport really spelled success. Veteran C-1 racer Michael Beavers also provided camera work and insight.

As always, this mini clinic was free of charge and we welcomed all ability levels for all or part of the weekend (annual membership to the Nantahala Racing Club and USACK makes races and clinics like this possible).

Saturday focused on technique, aerobic development, speed work and video analysis.

Sunday focused more on turning, sprinting and whitewater skills. The afternoon session was an actual Wildwater race, which was truly exciting. In men’s kayak, Geoff Calhoun turned out a blistering time and we all waited anxiously to see veteran ace racer/coach Chris Hipgrave (who started last) best it by a slim few seconds.

But the most exciting aspect of the weekend was the turnout. It was a mixture of old teammates of mine like Betsy Frick (who was on the 93-95 teams), several USA Team members, a half dozen junior women, and lots of newcomers.

Wow, just think what would happen if we all kept training to reach the next level… and then the next….and helped a couple other folks get started along the way.

2004 Chute the Hooch Winter Training Camp (1/17-18) and Wildwater Race (1/18)

AthleteCategoryRace PlaceRace Time
John PinyerdC-1115:01
Chris HipgraveK-1M112:55
Shaun SmithK-1M213:29
Tyler DyerK-1M314:43
Rob MurphyK-1M415:08
Phil StaffordK-1M517:07
Lincoln WilliamsK-1M618:02
Dave WallaceK-1M  dns
Geoff CalhounK-1M Jr113:00
Clay WilderK-1M Jr214:37
Terry WaldronK-1M Jr318:41
Amy WaltersK-1W120:10
Emily SteinK-1W Jr118:45
Erin WilderK-1W Jr219:12
Bailey O'SullivanK-1W Jr319:30
Tierney O'SullivanK-1W Jr420:18
Caroline KeislerK-1W Jr522:32