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Little Falls Race - A Classic

by Bob Bofinger
USAWildwater Team C1

May 10, 2004

It turned out to be a great day at Lock 6 for the Little Falls Race on the Potomac. Similiar level and format to last year, but the race started out with 2 much shorter sprints and then we did run the classic through Little Falls, which was the highlight of the day at pushy, dynamic river level of 4.6 feet. The sprints were from below Brookmont dam to the put in on the Feeder. There was great racing between the slalom boats and the wavehoppers. Jason Beakes pulled in the 2nd best time of the day in a slalom boat, and Eric Orenstein beat me in the sprint and the classic. Geoff blew everyone away with a remarkable time in the classic. Great job everyone. We started the Classic Race about 45 minutes after the sprints. I went first and I wondering what was in store for me considering I did not paddle Little Falls this year. Anyway, I was up for the challenge just like all of us. The headwind was tough to keep the boat on route but I managed. The waves and boils were not too bad untill I reached Little Falls. The entrance was great but I was in the bigger 6' waves at the bottom which shot me to the right making my boat eddy out. Anyway, great level and everyone else seemed to handle the rapid. Awards were held at Lock 6 parking area. Thanks to all that participated. Great job and see you next year.

Little Falls Results:

(all K1 unless noted)
Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Combined Classic
Geoff Calhoun- WW 1:16 1:18 2:34 7:37
Eric Orenstein -WH (jr) 1:35 1:37 3:12 9:07
Curt Taras -WH/rec 1:48 1:46 3:34 13:14
Jason Beakes- SL 1:30 1:34 3:04 8:32
Patrick Henry-SL 1:43 1:42 3:25 9:24
John Mullen SL 1.40 1:40 3:20 9:35
John Fishbein -SL (jr) 1:43 1:46 2:29 9:32
Bob Bofinger - C1 WW 1:35 1:39 3:14 9:54

Antietam Creek Downriver Race Results:

Name/class Time
K-1 Wildwater - Junior
Geoff Calhoun 15:19
Jure Poberaj 17:23
Ben Karp 19:31
Sean Lake 20:35
K-1 W Wildwater - Junior
Lisa Carey 23:29
C-1 Wildwater
Bob Bofinger 18:59

Send results AND STORIES to all participates:
Bob Bofinger - CanoaBob58@aol .com
Ross Linthicum -
Lisa Carey -
Sean Lake -
Rick Powell
Ashley Nee
Jess Whitmore -
Jure Poberaj
Ben Karp
Geoff Calhoun
John Mullen -
Jonathan Fishbein - ? looks like
Eric Ornstein -
Jason Beakes -
Curt Taras -
Patrick Henry -

and others you can think of...

Please post on all websites. Thanks, Bob. Also, we need to tabulate the MADS series results. The sprint and downriver races should be< separate. Are we including the US Open results and maybe the Glacier breaker race?

Bob Bofinger is a C1 Paddler on the US Wildwater team.