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Wildwater Committee Minutes
March 5, 2005

An Open Board Meeting at USA Team Trials, Nantahala Outdoor Center, NC

by John Pinyerd
USAWildwater Committee Chair

March 5, 2005 -- Nantahala Outdoor Center, NC --

Attending Board Members: John Pinyerd,, Ben Sandiford, Chris Hipgrave, Geoff Calhoun, Tom Wier, Bob Bofinger, Dave Mason (USACK rep).
Others Attending Included: Luke Dieker (USACK), Pat and Beth Hannah (Press), and Ed Gordon

Mike Beck: Pinyerd: Submitted the guidelines from our Bylaws to WWC for alternative means of qualifying for the team and then showed how Mike Beck met the criteria and EARNED a spot on the 2005 Team. After a through discussion, the motion for Mike to be on the 2005 USA Team unanimously passed.

Team Mangers Report: Mike and Kristen Beck (read by Pinyerd via email update). The update included a revised Travel Schedule, Race Schedule, and Lodging.

Uniform Update:

  • Hipgrave updated the group our current uniforms. 31 Uniforms were purchased, all out of the proceeds from Carolina West’s funding for Team Trails. Dart Transit donated the hats. We currently have enough uniforms for 2005 and 2006 if Wiegand is able to secure Junior uniforms for 2005.
  • Sandiford: Proposed that we also buy uniforms NOW for the 2006 season. After discussion, the motion did not pass.

Recognition of folks that have gone above the call of duty (with uniforms?): Pinyerd proposed that Chuck Brabec (outstanding job with USA and Tom Calhoun (large contributor) receive a formal thank you from the WWC. After discussion, it was agree the Pinyerd and Hipgrave would select a suitable means on honoring these invaluable resources for USAWildwater and handle the situation accordingly.

Treasurer’s report and Budget:

  • Hipgrave presented the Treasurers Report.
  • Hipgrave, with modest assistance from Pinyerd presented the Proposed 05 Budget with it’s tiers (see attachment).

    ICF Drug Testing Name/Address Requirement: After discussion, it was decided that the proposal from the floor by Luke Dieker that USACK give the ICF the list of all USACK members to satisfy their drug testing requirements our best option for meeting this requirement.

    Jr Team Update:

    • Hipgrave has volunteered to be Jr Team Manager and coach. Tognocci will also coach the team while they are in Italy.
    • Wiegand (via email update) is still confident that he will be able to obtain uniforms.
    • Wiegand (or another western representative) will need to coordinate Jr Team activities with Hipgrave.
    • Mason will attend Jr. Worlds as an Official of the US Team.

    National Race Schedule:

    • 05 Nationals/Fibark Update: Pinyerd updated the group on this years Nationals. We expect a turnout of 50 racers and are thrilled to work with Fibark.
    • 06 Team Trails: Wier is working to have 06 Trials in the Seattle area. Pinyerd will put out a request for bid proposal.
    • 06 Nationals: Pinyerd suggested that we wait until after this years nationals to put out a request for bids.
    • International Designated Races (Gauley Race, Team Trials): Sandiford and Mason discussed this with the group. We must submit our international race designations (usually one) by August of the preceding year.

    Race Schedule Update on Getting race information to is a key issue. After discussion, Geoff Calhoun agreed to be the “chief information gatherer”.

    Pre-Worlds / Jr Worlds - ICF International Wildwater schedule vacancies: After discussion, the board unanimously voted for Sandiford to pursue viable opportunities to get international races in the USA.

    IJWW Credentials: Wier and Hipgrave volunteered to get their IJWW credentials. Mason will test them.

    American gifts" to race organizers: After discussion, Mason volunteered to get the customary gifts for this years race organizers (Nottingham, Leeds, Ireland, Wales [Mayor of Bala]; Handyside) for the World Cup/Pre-World races

    Next WWC Meeting Date: Will be held in conjunction with Nationals June 17-18.