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Manufacturers and Vendors


Double Dutch (Netherlands)
K1 - Advantage, Extacy, Mission, Millenium, M2 & more.

Prijon (Germany)
K1 - Sesia, Vezere, Bala, Soca, Savage, Loisach & more.
(Also make custom skirts for Race Boats)
Available in the USA - Wildwasser USA:;

Savage River Works (USA)
K1 - Essox and Millennium
John Diller
581 Clifton Drive
Oakland, Md 21550
301- 334-2335

SpeedArt (Slovenia)
K1 - Bala, Esox 2002, Garmish & Drava
C1 - Squatter 3
Available in the USA - GalaSport USA:

Vajda (Slovakia)
K1 - Sesia, No Limits
C1 - Bala
Available in the USA - Joe Jacobi:

Zastera (Czech)
K1 - Obsession III, Savage Series, Dynamic Series, Clipper & more.
C1 - Mezzana, Bala, No Name
C2 - Beguin, Feeling

ZB Sport (Czech)
K1 - Attack/Bizzon

ZigZag/Tarn Composites (France)
K1 - Kinito, Petit Kinito


Epic (USA/SF)
K1 - Excaliber Series
Available in the USA - Epic Kayaks:

Galasport (Czech)
K1 - Rasmussen
Available in the USA - GalaSport USA:

GPOWER (Canada)
K1 - Watertech, Ultralight, Nitro, Maverick
C1 - Tsunami
Available in the USA & Canada - Michal Staniszewski, SMS, 82 Rue De Callisto, Gatineau, Quebec J9J3Z1
tel./fax (819) 771 21 38

Jantex Composites (Slovakia)
K1 - Alpha, Beta, Gamma
C1 - Snake
Available in the USA - Abel Hastings, PaddleRacer,
tel./fax: (919) 414-2260

Lendal (UK)
Shafts - XPS (HD Carbon) & HPS (Carbon/Kevlar)
K1 - Kinetik Wing (Hybrid)
Available in the USA - Chris Hipgrave:

Mitchell (USA)
C1 - Leader, Pacer, Premier

Prijon (Germany)
K1 - Rasmussen
Available in the USA - Wildwasser USA:

Vajda (Slovakia)
K1 - Rasmussen
Available in the USA - Joe Jacobi:

Zastera (Czech)
K1 - Rasmussen and Burton
C1 - Prest, Benny, C-wood


Sweet Composites
Boat Building Materials and Outfitting Supplies
Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm EST, at 301-229-2201

Indoor Training Equipment
Price list for USACK members
Order form for USACK members


Chris Hipgrave