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USAWildwater Techniques & Training Plans: is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date information on effective training techniques for wildwater racers! This section includes some of the latest available information on training, nutrition, and natural ways to peak for major races.

The 3 types of mental training for paddlesports July 4, 2014
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Training Tip May 27, 2014
  Training ideas specifically to help racers get faster, quicker.
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Evolution of a paddler: Kayak stroke February 4, 2013
  by Jeremy Rodgers
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Stroke Analysis February 8, 2011
  by WildWater TV Italia
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2011 "Chute" the Hooch Training Camp January 18, 2011
  YouTube video by Bartosz Ilkowski
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USACK Guide to Shoulder Exercises August 18, 2009
  Anatomy, Injuries and Exercise
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Shoulder - Rotator Cuff Pain August 18, 2009
  McKinley Health Center, University of Illinois
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Wildwater Racing Manual by British Canoe Union January 11, 2009
  by British coaches, Alan Tordoff and Neil Stamps
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Wildwater Technique (Video) November 17, 2008
  from Wildwater TV Italia (462MB!)
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4 for 4 : Thoughts on my Success in the 1990 World Cup January 10, 2008
  by Andy Bridge
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Training Plan by Rodney Rice October 15, 2007
  From advice by the Croatian and Czech National team coaches
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Danger Zone by Bill Endicott September 13, 2007
  Now available for download
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The Effects of Proper Training September, 2006
  How proper training can improve your performance
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Training Plan for 2007 World Cup July, 2006
  The object of this training program is to prepare athletes for international competition.
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Wildwater: The Basics January, 2006
  Training for Wildwater Racing.
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Video December, 2004
  Its Practical Use in Wildwater
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Developing Power and Speed in Wildwater December, 2004
  Power is a critical component in the endurance sport of wildwater racing. Wildwater is competed over a finite distance, so the winner is the person who completes the distance in the fastest time in other words, the most powerful person. While endurance is obviously important, you still need power and speed to be successful.
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Daily Training Programme (ICF) September, 2004
  This training programme is intended to serve as a guideline for daily training.
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Aerobic Workouts (2002-2003 Hipgrave Training Plan) July, 2003
  Chris Hipgrave shares his training plan for the 2003 Kernville World Cups.
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A sample aerobic workout plan June, 2002
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The Five Immutable Rules of the Kayak Forward Stroke (by Brent Reitz) January, 2002
  Focusing on Wildwater's most often-used stroke can translate to seconds saved on the race course. full story...
French team training plan April, 2001
  In April of 2001, French national team member Christian Processe and ICF canoe/kayak trainer Francois Beauchard visited the Nantahala Outdoor Center and conducted a comprehensive camp for development athletes and current U.S. Team members. View Chris Hipgrave's plan, culled from his conversations with Processe!
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