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French Training Plan (2001-2002)

French Training Plan Index
September - November
January - mid-March
April - May

GOAL: Gain Strength
GOAL: "Wake up" your body to race
GOAL: Adding more speed
GOAL: Becoming explosive
GOAL: Preparing for competition
GOAL: Race speed development

SOURCE: Christian Processe, French National Team

Click on the months above for plan details

Mid March: Preparing for competition
Example of hard week:
2 x Weight Lifting Explosive at 50% Max
5 x Paddling

2 x (5 x 1'on 2'off) with resistance (2 x a week)

4 x 10'on 3'off on whitewater

7 x 3'on 2'off on whitewater

1 x long paddle (1.5 hrs min)

2 x Technical workout (See above)

1 x Aerobic Capacity

1 x Running or Biking

Go for a little more speed

Example of easy week:
4 x Paddling 1 x Time Trial

1 x Resistance

1 x Aerobic Capacity

1 x Long

1 x Running or Biking


Photo Credit: Emmy Truckenmiller

American Heinz Roethemund hammers down the Potomac at a 2000 Bethesda Center of Excellence training camp.

Christian Processe swings it at the 2000 World Championships
French National Team Member Christian Processe goes for speed at the 2000 Worlds in Treignac, France.

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