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French Training Plan (2001-2002)

French Training Plan Index
September - November
January - mid-March
April - May

GOAL: Gain Strength
GOAL: "Wake up" your body to race
GOAL: Adding more speed
GOAL: Becoming explosive
GOAL: Preparing for competition
GOAL: Race speed development

SOURCE: Christian Processe, French National Team

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End of January through Mid-March: Becoming explosive
Two hard cycles:
Example of Hard Week:
3 x Week/ Weight Lifting Tests High Reps/Low weights. Be "explosive" with each set.
6 x Paddling 1 x Long (1.5 hours)

<1 x Race Speed, Race Pace e.g. 2 x (6 x 1'on 30"off) 10' between sets.

2 x River Runs 2 x 20' or continuous runs. Focus on transfer of technique from flat water to river.

40' intervals at Aerobic Threshold

5 x 5'on 2'off

3 x Running or Biking 1 hr minimum. Continuous or intervals e.g. 3 x 10' on 3' off


Martin Bay and John Pinyerd sic the big dogs at the 1989 World Championships.

The Baily Brothers, Russell and Reid, hammer through Pillow Rapid at the "Animal" Upper Gauley Downriver Race
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