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French Training Plan (2001-2002)

French Training Plan Index
September - November
January - mid-March
April - May

GOAL: Gain Strength
GOAL: "Wake up" your body to race
GOAL: Adding more speed
GOAL: Becoming explosive
GOAL: Preparing for competition
GOAL: Race speed development

SOURCE: Christian Processe, French National Team

Click on the months above for plan details

January: Adding more speed
1 Macrocycle = 3 Weeks Hard + 1 Week Easy. This 4-week cycle is similar to September-early December, though you may wish to mix in more short interval workouts to build speed during this time.
Example of hard week:
4 x Weight Lifting 6 weeks high rep at 70% of maximum + 4 weeks low rep at 80-90+% of maximum
Focus on paddling muscle groups, with exercises like bench press, bench row, abdominal, back, shoulders, etc.
5 x Paddling 1 x long paddling workout
moderate to easy intensity (1.5 - 2 hrs). Can include long aerobic Intervals such as 3 x 20 min on / 1 min off.

2 x technique-specific paddling workouts:
4 x (3' on 1' off 6' on 2' off 30"on)
10 x 3' on 1' off
1 x Speed Workout (Race pace for 1 hour)
2 x (6 x 45" on 15" off) High stroke rate: K1s = over 100. C1s over 85

3 x Running or Biking Long slow workouts. Stay aerobic for a minimum of 1 hour.
Example of easy week:
2 x Weight Lifting Same as above
2 x Paddling  
1 x Running or Biking  


C-1 Racer Tom Weir on his winning run at the 2000 U.S. National Championships on the Kern River, California.

Chris Hipgrave, U.S. Team member and British Expat, finds that "sweet" smidge-left-of-center line at Sweet's Falls on the Gauley River.
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