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French Training Plan (2001-2002)

French Training Plan Index
September - November
January - mid-March
April - May

GOAL: Gain Strength
GOAL: "Wake up" your body to race
GOAL: Adding more speed
GOAL: Becoming explosive
GOAL: Preparing for competition
GOAL: Race speed development

SOURCE: Christian Processe, French National Team

Click on the months above for plan details

December through Holidays: "Wake up" your body to race
15 days leading to the Holidays
3 x Week/ Weight Lifting Tests See USACK Weight lifting testing protocols
5-6 x Week/ Paddling 1 x Short Course Time Trial
(Use a fixed length course, approximately 1000meters long or about 5-7 minutes.)

2 x technique-specific paddling workouts:
4 x (3' on 1' off 6' on 2' off 30"on)
10 x 3' on 1' off
1 x Speed Workout (Race pace for 1 hour)
2 x (6 x 45" on 15" off) High stroke rate: K1s = over 100. C1s over 85

1 x (3 x 20", 30", 40" 50", 60"on with equal rest)

1-2 x (3 x 10'on + 2 x 15'on, with equal rest)

3 x Running or Biking Long slow workouts. Stay aerobic for a minimum of 1 hour.
2 Weeks/Holidays -- rest, but be active
2 x Week Weight Lifting Same as above
4 x Week Paddling  
2 x Week Running or Biking  



Johannes Wohlers breaks out the guns.
Sabine Haas hauling ass in New Zealand.
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