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USA Wildwater National Champions

Early research courtesy of Sue Taft, author of The River Chasers, a history of American whitewater paddling

Year K-1 Men K-1 Women C-1 C-2
1959 Walter Kirschbaum none none John Berry &Bob Harrigan
1960 Ted Young none none none
1961 Dan Makris none none Bill Bickham & Phil Hugill
1962 Dan Makris none none none
1963 (F-1) Dan Makris
(R-1) Ron Bohlender
none none none
1964 Ted Makris none none Glen Roberts & Jim Zacharias
1965 Ted Makris none John Berry Bill Heinzerling & Rowan Osborne
Kathy Berry & Bob Harrigan (Mixed)
1966 Dan Makris none Bill Bickham John Connet & Jim Raleigh
Gay Gruss & Mark Fawcett (Mixed)
1967 Tom Johnson Tammy McCollom Bill Bickham Bill Heinzerling & Rowan Osborne
Gay Gruss & Mark Fawcett (Mixed)
1968 David Nutt Tamara DeBord John Sweet John Bryson & John Hummel
Gay Gruss & Mark Fawcett (Mixed)
1969 Art Vitarelli none Al Chase Brad Hager & Norm Holcombe
Louise Wright & Paul Liebman (Mixed)
1970 David Nutt Peggy Nutt (Mitchell) John Sweet Bill Endicott & Brad Hager
Barb Holcombe & Norm Holcombe (Mixed)
1971 Dick Sunderland Peggy Nutt (Mitchell) John Sweet Brent Lewis & Kevin Lewis
Barb Holcombe & Norm Holcombe (Mixed)
1972 Eric Evans Carol Fisher John Sweet Stin Lenkerd & Steve Piccolo
Carol Knight & Dave Knight (Mixed)
1973 Tom McEwan Carol Fisher Russ Nichols Steve Chamberlin & Joe Stahl
Carol Knight & Dave Knight (Mixed)
1974 David Nutt Carol Fisher Al Button Steve Chamberlin & Joe Stahl
Rasa D'Entremont & George Lhota (Mixed)
1975 Bill Nutt Carol Fisher Al Button Ben Cass & Wallace Dyer
Louise Wright & Jim McConeghy (Mixed)
1976 Tom Ruwitch Carol Fisher Al Button Chuck Lyda & Andy Toro
Margaret Clark & Mike Chamberlin (Mixed)
1977 Bill Nutt Leslie Klein Angus Morrison Jon Lugbill & Bob Robison
Louise Wright & Jim McConeghy (Mixed)
1978 Bill Nutt Leslie Klein Angus Morrison David Hearn & Ron Lugbill
Margaret Osborne & Bern Collins (Mixed)
1979 Dan Schnurrenberger Cathy Hearn Chuck Lyda Ben Cass & Joe Stahl
Bunny Johns & Mike Hipsher (Mixed)
1980 Dan Schnurrenberger Cathy Hearn David Hearn Paul Grabow & Jef Huey
1981 Dan Schnurrenberger Carol Fisher Chuck Lyda Bern Collins & Stan Janas
Bunny Johns & Mike Hipsher (Mixed)
1982 Jon Fishburn Carol Fisher Jim Underwood Mike Hipsher & Dave Jones
1983 Jon Fishburn Carol Fisher Angus Morrison Bob Bofinger & Howard Foer
1984 Jon Fishburn Carol Fisher John Butler David Mason & Scott Overdorf
1985 Jon Fishburn Cathy Hearn Angus Morrison David Jones & Brent Turner
Mary Hayes & Mike Hipsher (Mixed)
1986 Jon Fishburn Cathy Hearn Andy Bridge Mike Hipsher & David Jones
1987 Brent Reitz Cathy Hearn Andy Bridge Mike Hipsher & David Jones
1988 Brent Reitz Kathy Bolyn Andy Bridge Mike Hipsher & David Jones
1989 Jon Fishburn Mary Hipsher Andy Bridge Mike Hipsher & David Jones
1990 Andy Corra Jill Runnion Andy Bridge Mike Hipsher & David Jones
Becky Kassouf & Max Wellhouse (Mixed)
1991 Brent Reitz   Andy Bridge Chuck Lyda & Dan Schnurrenberger
1992 Bryan Tooley Heidi Becker Andy Bridge Nic Myers & Dan Erwin
1993 Dan Johnson Renata Buddeusova-Altman Andy Bridge Martin Bay & John Pinyerd
1994 Nelson Oldham   Andy Bridge Martin Bay & John Pinyerd
1995 Dan Johnson Mary Hayes Chuck Lyda Chuck Lyda & John Pinyerd
1996 Franklin Lewis Carolyn Porter Andy Bridge Martin Bay & John Pinyerd
1997 Franklin Lewis Carolyn Porter Michael Beavers Michael Beavers& John Pinyerd
1998 Nelson Oldham Carolyn Porter Tim Sampsel Scott Overdorf & Michael Vorwerk
1999 Nelson Oldham Lane Errickson Tim Sampsel none
2000 Andrew McEwan Jennie Goldberg Tom Wier Charles Albright & Norwood Scott
2001 Andrew McEwan Caroline Domenghino Tom Wier none
2002 Chris Hipgrave Jamie Tidwell Bob Bofinger none
2003 Andrew McEwan Rebecca (Bennett) Giddens Tom Wier Russell Bailey & Reid Bailey
2004 Geoff Calhoun Chara Whitmore John Pinyerd Bob Bofinger & Scott Leroux
2005 Geoff Calhoun Elizabeth 'Boo' Turner Tom Wier Nic Borst & Chris Wiegand
2006 Andy Corra Jennie Goldberg Tom Gray none
2007 Geoff Calhoun Tierney O'Sullivan Tom Wier John Pinyerd & Tom Wier
2008 Geoff Calhoun MacKenzie Hatcher Tom Wier John Pinyerd & Mike Harris
2009 Andy Corra Tierney O'Sullivan Tom Wier Rich Roehner & Mike Baker
2010 Chris Hipgrave Tierney O'Sullivan Tom Wier Colton Popp & Bryson Popp
2011 Doug Ritchie Haley Popp Tom Wier Colton Popp & Bryson Popp
2012 Doug Ritchie Haley Popp Peter Kazban (M)
Laura Adams (W)
Colton Popp & Bryson Popp
2013 Emmanuel Beauchard Marin Millar John Pinyerd (M)
Selena Popp (W)
Colton Popp & Bryson Popp
2014 Geoff Calhoun (Sprint)
Andrew McEwan (Classic)
Marin Millar John Pinyerd John Pinyerd & Doug Ritchie
2015 Jacob Siegel (Junior)
James Lewis (Open)
Joslin Coggan (Junior)
Marin Millar (Open)
Peter Coggan (Junior)
Peter Kabzan (Open)
Selena Popp (W-Junior)
Colton Popp & Bryson Popp (Open)
Oliver Holden & Carter Davis (Junior)
Hannah Rubin & Harriet Rollins (W-U23)