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2002 USACK Wildwater National Championships
The New River in West Virginia
Saturday, August 3rd, 2002

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Race Forms and liability waivers must be mailed to Mountain Air Productions, the address for which appears below:

Get Ready to Race!
Come race with us at the 2002 USACK Wildwater National Championships on the New River on Saturday, August 3rd, 2002. Paddle for fun or compete against current US Wildwater Team members. Everyone is welcome.

2001 Wildwater National Championship- Information For Racers:
(This may change as the need arises and at the discretion of race organizers.)

Race Format - Nationals will consist of two races - both on Saturday August 3rd. The first will be the Sprint race. Competitors will do two timed runs of the Sprint course for a cumulative time. The Sprint Course will start directly below the New River Gorge Bridge at Fayette Station Rapid. Racers will start near the small bridge above the rapid and finish approximately 90 seconds downstream. The second race will be the classic, starting at the Cunard access. The start point will be the gauge rock at the private boater put-in. The finish will be below the "Keeneys" at pool called the "Halls of Karma". Its will take top competitors approximately 18 minutes and will include three class III+/IV rapids, including the infamous "Keeneys".

Race Schedule - A competitors meeting will be held on Saturday August 3rd at 10:30 a.m. at the Fayette Station Rapid parking area, above the rapid. A complete and finalized event schedule will be made available at the competitors meeting.

Tentative schedule follows:
          6:30   US Wildwater get together, Friday Aug 2nd at 6:30, Cathedral Cafe in                    Fayetteville. Just an informal gathering for people to meet and                    socialize. They have great, healthy fare, with prices ranging from                    $5-$8. BYOB
Competitors Meeting, Fayette Station Rapid
          11:30 First Sprint Runs begin
          12:30 Second Sprint Runs begin
          4:30   Classic race begins
          7:30   Awards ceremony (location TBA)

Classes - The classes will be men's kayak (K-1), women's kayak (K-1W), men's C-1 and men's C-2. Juniors will have the same classes. Plastic boats will have a K-1 and K1-W class.

National Champion Selection Criteria - All paddlers are encouraged to race. All athletes competing at the National Championships (juniors and seniors) must be current members of USA Canoe & Kayak (USACK), Wildwater's National Governing Body (NGB). A competitor must compete in and finish both races to be named National Champion. The calculation of the winner of the National Championships will be via a point system that combines the results from the classic and sprint races. Times or percentages are not averaged. Percentages will be converted to points, and points will be combined from the two races to determine the national champions. Questions concerning this methodology should be addressed to the race organizers at the racers meeting on Saturday August 3rd at 1030hrs.

Safety - The New is primarily a non-technical Class Three river, with three Class III-plus or IV rapids. Race organizers will do their best to provide race safety at key rapids. However, if you are not comfortable with self-rescue, please reconsider your participation.

Boat & Gear Inspection - Boats may be inspected before, during or after the race at the discretion of the race organizers to determine if ICF specifications are met. Be sure your boat qualifies before you start! Boat specs and rules can be reviewed at the ICF Wildwater site. If you are competing in an ICF spec Wildwater boat, the new airbags rules WILL BE ENFORCED. You are required to have inflated airbags bow and stern. Current Wildwater Team Members are expected to set the example and come to race with airbags. See the ICF Wildwater web site for complete details. Also, race organizers reserve the right to monitor for unsafe PFDs and helmets.

Water Levels & Practice - The New River flow is controlled by a dam approximately 50 miles upstream, however several sizable creeks flow into the New below the dam. The average flow on the New in August is approximately 3,200 CFS, which is 1 foot on the Fayette Station Gauge. To check current water levels in go to www.gauleyrace.com. The New is not technically difficult at most water levels, and is an easy river to learn after only a few runs.

Rafts - While race organizers will work with area companies, raft and private boater traffic on the New is unavoidable. We have chosen start times to minimize traffic flow problems, however, some problems may happen. Be courteous and paddle around them. The New is a wide river and overtaking is easy.

Shuttles - Walking the shuttle for the sprint race takes only a few minutes. Work with other paddlers on shuttle logistics to leave as many cars as possible at the Fayette Station for the downriver event.

Accommodation & Other Area Activities - The New River Gorge National River is located in south central West Virginia, near the town of Fayetteville. There is camping in the area at several privately owned campgrounds. Closest to the river are: Mountain State campground and Chestnut Ridge, both are just five minutes from Fayetteville and just on the rim of the gorge. There are many hotels, cabins and Bed & Breakfasts in the area. Other activities in the area include Mountain Biking, Climbing, Hiking and Fishing. The New River Gorge is a National Wild and Scenic River and the NPS has several visitor centers in the area. Also close by is Babcock State Park, Hawksnest State Park and Summersville Lake, all of which provide activities and accommodations. For more information, go to www.newrivercvb.com.

Getting to the New - Fayetteville is located on U.S. Route 19, 20 miles north of Beckley. Route 19 can be reached from I-77 (from the south) and I-79 (from the north) Police patrol this section of Route 19 around the clock and in force. For air travel, Yeager Airport in Charleston offers service with Delta, United, American Airlines and more. Yeager is 1 hour 15 minutes from Fayetteville. Contact the race organizers if you need a pickup at the airport.

Registration - Every competitor needs to complete a registration form AND complete a USACK waiver. Entry fees are only $15 if you are a USACK member (OR pay an additional $5 for event insurance). All proceeds generated during the operation of the 2002 Wildwater National Championships will be used to cover operational costs (such as prizes) and further develop Wildwater racing in the USA (such as coaching and training camps). Registration forms and USACK waivers are available from www.nrcrhinos.com. Completed forms should be sent to the address below. They will also be available at the competitors meeting:

Mountain Air Productions
2002 Wildwater National Championships
P.O.Box 102
Hico, WV 25854

Volunteers - Got a friend or family member who is coming with you? Race organizers would be grateful for any volunteers who can help out on race day. Contact race organizers to volunteer.

Donnie Hudspeth
Mouintain Air Productions


2002 Wildwater National Championships

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