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USA Wildwater USA Canoe/Kayak Coaches/Mentors    Each of us has felt passionate about one thing or another -- something that drives us toward higher achievement, tests our mettle as human beings, and provides an arena for excellence. We have found our arena in Wildwater.

1989 Wildwater World Championships
Savage River, USA

Finish Times were not available

  K1       K1 Team Race
1. Marco Previde Italy   1. France
2. Neil Stamps Great Britain   2. West Germany
3. Antoine Geotschy France   3. Switzerland
4. Jon Fishburn USA   6. USA (Fishburn, Reitz, Corra)
16. Brent Reitz USA      
27. Andy Corra USA      
29. Dan Johnson USA      
  C1       C1 Team Race
1. Andrej Jelenc Yugoslavia   1. France
2. Steve Wells Great Britain   2. West Germany
3. Karim Benamrouche France   3. Yugoslavia
6. Andy Bridge USA   4. USA (Bridge, Dickert, Ford)
15. Wayne Dickert USA      
17. Kent Ford USA      
20. Keith Arnold USA      
  C2       C2 Team Race
1. Srecko Masle/Andrej Grobisa Yugoslavia   1. West Germany
2. Claude Alaphilippe/ Bruno Puyfoulhoux France   2. France
3. Eric Archambault/Thierry Carlin France   3. Italy
11. Jef Huey/Paul Grabow USA   4. USA (Huey/Grabow, Jones/Hipsher, Evans/Schnurrenberger)
14. David Jones/Mike Hipsher USA      
15. John Evans/Dan Schnurrenberger USA      
16. Lecky Haller/Jamie McEwan USA      
  K1W       K1W Team Race
1. Sabine Kleinhenz France   1. France
2. Uschi Profanter Austria   2. West Germany
3. Aurore Bringard France   3. Italy
12. Cathy Hearn USA   6. USA (Hearn, Fisher, Hayman)
22. Carol Fisher USA      
25. Elizabeth Hayman USA      
26. Kathy Bolyn USA