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2016 Western Junior Team Trials Results

by Tom Wier
Chairman - USA Wildwater

by Tom Wier, Wildwater Committee Chairman

Western Junior Team Trials were held on the Animas River in Durango, Colorado this weekend. The races were part of the Rocky Mountain Cup, and had a total of 28 competitors, 19 of which were cadets, juniors, or U23.

Up to two juniors and U23 competitors in each category could be selected for the 2016 US Junior Wildwater Team.

The selected individuals are:

K1 Junior:

1. Nate Foster (1st in sprint and classic)

2. Henry Hyde (2nd in sprint and classic)

Alternate: Ben Deitsch (3rd in both sprint and classic)

C1 Junior

1. Peter Coggan 0 pts sprint + 0 pts classic = 0 pts

C1 U23

1. Ethan Putnam 0 pts sprint + 0 pts classic = 0 pts

C2 Junior

1. Hunter Keeley/Jimmy Bohn 0 pts sprint + 0 pts classic = 0 pts

Cadet Wiley Corra had a notable race as well, and would have qualified for the K-1 team if he were old enough.

Congratulations to our new junior team members!

Eastern Junior Team Trials will be held in conjunction with our national championships July 9-10 in Maine. Keep checking back for details on this race and a junior training camp to be held the week before nationals!

Full results for the Western Junior Team Trials can be found by clicking the links below. Juniors are highlighted in orange and U23 competitors in green.

Classic Race Results

Sprint Race Results