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2016 Nationals Are Only Two Months Away!

May 15, 2016 -- Orono, ME

USWildwater Nationals for 2016 are at the Penobscot River Whitewater Nationals Regatta

Regatta Dates: Wednesday, July 6 - Sunday, July 10, 2016

Come ready to race a lot as there are four full days of competition. Wednesday is the official practice day scheduled in accordance with the ACA Downriver competition committee's rules. This is a day to learn the various rapids, make final adjustments to your registration, get your boat(s) through boat control, and (should you choose to) find other paddlers to enter the just-for-fun team competition that has a cash purse.

Wildwater kayakers - Plan ahead to race on Thursday (men) and Friday (women) in the ACA Downriver Kayak Nationals. This will be held on the full 9.5-mile racecourse from Binette Park to Pipeline, and includes the rapids of the sprint and classic racecourses plus others. Bring an ACA short kayak (up to 13'2") with you and race this same course in it on Thursday (women) and Friday (men).

Wildwater canoeists - Plan ahead to race Open Canoes on Thursday and Friday. Thursday's classes are OC-2 Men and OC-1 Women. Friday's classes are OC-2 Mixed and OC-2 Jr/Sr (juniors aged 10-16 partnered with adults 25 and over). Contact Jeff ahead of time and he can try to secure you a boat and partner.

Nationals Team Competition - Plan ahead to create and register a team for the fun team competition. This is not the traditional wildwater team competition, but a just-for-fun informal addition to the opportunities offered at the regatta. Details are still being worked out, but a team (probably comprised of up to five paddlers including at least one Junior, one Woman, and one Man) will accumulate points each day of competition based on the number of different competitions entered by the team each day, and their finish positions each day. The cash purse will likely be 50% of the team competition’s entry fees.

Wildwater Competitions:

Sprint, Saturday, July 9 (Great Works rapids) - The wildwater sprints will be embedded within the ACA nationals sprints, but will be on a slightly shorter sprint course. The basic venue though is the same for both sprint courses allowing for you to easily take your two wildwater sprint runs and enter ACA sprints, too.

Classic, Sunday, July 10 (Binette Park through Great Works rapids) - This is a short classic course that will start about a mile above the sprint course. The added mile includes a nice rapid (Shad Rips) and potentially a lot of swirly water if the flow is high.

Video footage of both racecourses will emerge over the next few weeks. I firmly believe that you will love the sprint course, and that you'll find the short class course completely sufficient.

Youth Competitions - Wildwater's youngest paddlers (ages 10-15) are eligible to race in the regatta's youth competitions. These youth competitions will take place on a 2.5 mile stretch of the Penobscot from Orono to Veazie and will pass though one Class 1 rapid and some swirly water. On Thursday afternoon youth race the course in OC-2s (and there are plenty to borrow!) and on Friday afternoon youth can race anything solo (OC-1 rec, Wildwater C-1, K-1 rec, K-1 Wildwater, and SUP). Make sure to bring your kids, brothers, and sisters!

Junior/U23 Wildwater Camp - Monday, July 4-Wednesday, July 6

90% chance this opportunity will come to fruition. Cost will likely be $150/athlete with the proceeds going directly to the two coaches. Contact Jeff for details and to register for the camp.

Regatta Details at: and on Facebook

Registration at:

For direct responses contact Jeff Owen,