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Seneca Showdown (April 26)

February 10, 2015

by Steve-O McKnoe

The Seneca Showdown will include two different races:

-one will be a downriver and attainment and

-the other will just be a downriver race aimed at beginner racers.

The races will be conducted near the Riley's lock area in Poolesville, MD. The rapids will consist of class ll-lll. The attainment portion of this race will be particularly challenging.

Attainment race:
Start in the masses on Seneca Creek, sprint through the aqueduct to the Potomac River where we will race for almost 2 miles down stream. Once we meet the confluence of the historic George Washington Canal racers will attain up class ll-lll rapids back to Seneca Creek. This race is open to all classes.

Downriver Race:
This race is great for first timers, beginner, expert racers alike. All racers will start in the masses on Seneca Creek, where within 200 yards they are forced to squeeze through 2 aqueduct tunnels. We will sprint down the Seneca Breaks section of the Potomac River, dodging and weaving through the rocks of Class II rapids. Prizes will be given based on classes and age.

More information can be found at

Contact Steve-O at 240-678-8768 or