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2013 USA Wildwater Final Rankings

February 9, 2014

by Chuck Brabec

Congratulations to the top athletes in the 2013 USA Wildwater Rankings:

  • C-1 Men:
    1. John Pinyerd
    2. Will Coggan
    3. Ethan Putnam
    4. Tom Wier
    5. Bryant Lord

  • C-1 Women:
    1. Selena Popp

  • C-2:
    1. Colton Popp/Bryson Popp
    2. Nick Rinard/Zach Gallop
    3. Klein/Bruce Duquette (tie)
      Michael Dynia/Jeff Dynia (tie)
    4. Fred Thompson/Charley Brackett
    5. Rich Roehner/ Mike Baker
  • K-1 Men:
    1. Chris Hipgrave
    2. Kurt Smithgall
    3. Mark Wendolowski
    4. Michael Vorwerk
    5. Jeff Belanger (tie)
      Tim Nutt (tie)

  • K-1 Women:
    1. Elaine Campbell
    2. Marin Millar
    3. Jeanne Breton
    4. Cindy Ashwood
    5. Suzanne Carlson

The complete rankings can be seen here.