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The FIBArk RunOff, Colorado Spring Race Series Race 2

From the FIBArk Race Club website
shared and prefaced by Denny Adams

The second race weekend of the Colorado Spring Race Series will be hosted by the FIBArk Club from Salida, Colorado. Most wildwater racers are familiar with the FIBArk race festival held each June. The FIBArk Racing Club was formed when that race started back in the early 1950's. The club has a long and colorful racing history not only as a race sponsor but as group of active and passionate racers dating back to the introduction of European style whitewater paddling in the US. FIBArk is the club that brought over the first racers from Europe that went on to define how paddling evolved in the United States. They also have a real clubhouse (a priceless resource) complete with a kitchen, living room, and boat storage and a deck overlooking the whitewater park at Salida. Two years ago the current club members started a model kids racing program teaching in donated boats in the Salida Hot Springs Pool. The've started hosting additional racing events for our region's racers in Fall, Winter, and Spring. The FIBArk Runoff is their Spring Race and like the Durango Race Weekend the week prior to it is a Colorado Whitewater Cup Event. Along with the other USACK style racing clubs in Colorado, the FIBArk Club is a "Team Colorado" club. The "Colorado Whitewater Cup" series is a new name for the spring race series that used to be called the "Colorado High School Cup" series. I will leave a fuller and better written explanation of this new organization, Team Colorado, and the Colorado Whitewater Cup Series, to its organizers--once they get back from their Spring Break paddling trips. Here is FIBArk RunOff race intro, attached is their race flier.-Denny Adams

"FIBArk and Capricorn Sports invite you to compete in the second annual FIBArk RunOff Whitewater Races April 13-14, 2013. This will be the second leg of the inaugural Rocky Mountain Whitewater Cup Series. The weekend will include a slalom race, wildwater race, freestyle competition, practice time on the water and two free meals. The slalom and freestyle competitions will be held at the Salida Whitewater Park, while the wildwater race will start in the Salida Whitewater Park and finish just below Salida East Campground.

We hope you all will be able to join us!"

Link to the promo flyer: