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Durango Whitewater Race Weekend
April 5th, 6th, and 7th

March 28, 2013

by Denny Adams, Events and Program Chair

Please note new times for the wildwater race meeting and the start of the race.

April 5th, 6th, and 7th will see the opening of the Colorado Spring Race Season. Our first event will be the Durango Whitewater Race Weekend that is being co-sponsored by Team Colorado, Durango Whitewater, and the Great Blue Heron Canoe and Kayak Club. The weekend includes two races, two days of slalom clinics, a freestyle camp, two club hosted dinners, and plenty of time for independent wildwater padding.

Friday is the practice and training day with a guided course practice on the wildwater course in the morning and free practice in the afternoon. The wildwater race athletes meeting will be at 1:00 PM at the 32nd St. boat launch area with the race starts, done by class at 30 second intervals, starting at 1:30 PM. Awards will be afterward at the Finish Area, Santa Rita Park. The course is mostly class II with a class III section at the finish. Beginners have an option of taking out prior to the harder whitewater. Wildwater racers who are not training or racing slalom or in the freestyle clinic will be encouraged do the lower Durango Town Run for fun in the afternoon. Another afternoon option would be to "assist" with the BBQ preparations for the evening event dinner. Dinner will be 7:00 PM, the cooking will start the night before. Those interested in supporting Team Colorado's Wildwater Race development fund will have the opportunity to donate to that cause at the dinner. Our goal is to raise funds to pay for event application fees for a late summer race and for a fall wildwater race.

Registration for the races can be done online or during the weekend at various sites. (See the "Durango Whitewater Race Poster" for details--feel free to print the classic race poster off to hang on your wall.) The wildwater race by itself is a bargain $15 as that price includes a Friday night pasta dish dinner hosted by Durango Whitewater and a Saturday night BBQ dinner hosted by the Great Blue Heron Canoe and Kayak Club. Those who want to do the slalom race, or have two days of slalom instruction, from beginner to elite in content, have that option as well. For more information contact Race Director Lisa Adams at To check about helping with the Blue Heron BBQ meal contact me at

Links to the promo flyer: