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Glenwood Wildwater Jubilee/Western US Jr. Team Trials

Denny Adams, Great Blue Heron Canoe/Kayak Club & Events Chair-USAWildwater Committee

April 4, 2012 -- Glenwood Springs, CO

The latest news on the Western US Jr Team trials races is pretty positive. We (Great Blue Heron Canoe/Kayak ) unofficially have a USFS Special Use Permit in the process of being cut for Glenwood Canyon on the weekend of April 21-22. Glenwood Canyon has been the western Jr Team trials venue now since 2008 but in that four year period we have used four separate sections of river. This year's sprints will be held on a new section for that event--Corner Rapid, the largest rapid on the Grisly Creek Run located about a mile downstream from the Grisly Creek Launch area on an easy to find sharp left hand bend. The classic will be held on the Grisly Creek run which includes this rapid and several shorter and smaller rapids. It will start just upstream of the Grisly Creek Launch area and end at the No Name Rest area. Winning times in the past have been between 13 and 15 minutes.

We are looking to have around 25 kids at the races this year and hopefully at least 10 adult racers. All interested racers can contact me via e-mail at