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News from Bob Bofinger

by Bob Bofinger
7 time US Wildwater Team member
National Champion: C-2 WW 1983 & 2004, C-1 WW 2002

Hello Everyone,

Yes it has been a long time since I have been involved in Wildwater which was my life for many years. I have made many friends over the years and I had chance to reap the joys of competition. There has been some great memories and I have many stories to tell. I miss the competition and the fellowship.

Well, what have I been up to. My daughters, Sarah - 25, Bekah - 21 and Hannah - 21 are older now and I am dealing with them in college and college costs. Hannah, the youngest, is in her third year at Drexel University in Philadelphia majoring in Chemistry. Bekah is a senior now at High Point University in Greensboro area and is applying for law school in North Carolina. Sarah graduated at a local Community College in 2008, is doing well, and lives in the Laurel, MD area. Debbie and I work many jobs to pay living expenses and college costs. I was out in a Wildwater K-1, Fastwave this summer with Ross but I cannot get the time to do more.

I have a very busy life working as a Bridge Engineer for the State of Maryland, working part time at the YMCA in aqautics as lifeguard and pool operator and referee soccer games, indoor and outdoor. Besides this I now coach a U-9 girls club team for the Alliance Soccer Club as well as an Assistant coach for Frederick Community College Womens soccer. Also, I play soccer still on three indoor teams to try to stay in shape. Being a coach, referee and player is year round.

Happy holidays to all the Wildwater paddlers and you. Good luck with racing in 2012 and keep me updated on the races. Hopefully, I can help and maybe pop into a race.

Bob Bofinger