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2010 Team Trials Photos

By Adam Mills Elliott,

April 11, 2010 -- Flagstaff, AZ

To: Wildwater Boaters at Nantahala Team Trials,

I met several of you at the Team Trials; to those of you who I haven't met, I was the guy walking around with a big camera, taking photos of you!

I've had several requests for photos and have been sitting on them for weeks now. Its time to share them with y'all. This is somewhere between what I usually do for work and just wanting to support my girlfriend and, by extension, the sport. So, I've been struggling with how to make it work for everyone.

Here is how I worked out how to give some away while still attending to my need to pay for pro camera gear and extensive time in 'post'.


Order form:

  1. You are more than welcome to take and share the photos that you see on the gallery. This is done by using a right-click on the mouse and 'save as' (or something similar).
  2. If you want to download photos to use on blogs and facebook, etc, you can pay via Paypal and I'll give you the link to download your photos.
  3. I've put 3 different sizes/ price combinations on the Paypal order form. Please consider buying some higher res. photos via Paypal.
  4. If you feel that my prices are too high, or that you are ordering several photos for several family members (I'm talking to you, Popps), then please get ahold of me to arrange a different price. I'm definitely willing to negotiate within reason.

I know I didn't get photos of everyone, or quantity or quality photos of everyone either. Sorry 'bout that. Hope you enjoy!

Cheers and Congrats!

Adam Mills Elliott
7210 N. Saddle Tr.
Flagstaff AZ 86001