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NRC 2010 Glacier Breaker Wildwater Race

Wrap-up and Results

by Chris Hipgrave
USA Wildwater
Committee Vice Chair

February 27, 2010 -- Bryson City, NC

They call it the Glacier Breaker for good reason. The mid-Atlantic crew that was coming down got snowed in and the more local of us that did get to race had to deal with moderate head winds and frigid temperatures that really numbed the hands and made moving downstream even harder that it needed to be.

We had some break-thru performances today. JP Bevilaqua handily won today besting his time from last year by almost a minute. He's been working really hard at wildwater and deserves the win. He's also poised for a solid performance at Team Trials in a month. Tierney O'Sullivan also crushed her 2009 time by close to a minute to finish 3rd overall.

We were also graced with some new young faces making a big splash in the sport. Team Popp arrived in force with Hailey and Selena Popp have great times and showing great potential for years to come. The C2 Popp team also had a great race down to the Nantahala Falls where the harder whitewater got the better of them. They'll be back for trials which is great news.


K1OPENJP BEVILAQUA1720:03.0100.00%
K1OPENCHRIS HIPGRAVE1820:40.0103.08%
K1MASTERBERN COLLINS1123:44.0118.37%
C1OPENJOHN PINYERD1024:17.0121.11%
K1WJRHAILEY POPP324:19.0121.28%
K1OPENBEN EDSON1524:26.0121.86%
K1OPENSTEVE KIMMEL1424:32.0122.36%
K1WCADETSELENA POPP426:19.0131.26%
C1OPENKEVIN MILLER827:12.0135.66%
K1OPENJAY MANALO1229:37.0147.71%