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It's Time to RSVP for the 'Chute the Hooch Training Camp

To be held in Atlanta January 23-24

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman

December 27, 2009 -- Marietta, GA

"HotLanta" is a great venue for January training. Each year a couple dozen friends of downriver racing converge on Atlanta for the "Chute the Hooch Training Camp." The moving flatwater and easy whitewater of the Chatta"Hooch"ee allows us to coach racers of all skill levels. If you are a junior or an entry level racer this camp is for you! Of course there will also likely be a few National/World Class racers that come and train with us. This venue allows us to break up into small groups so that every person can learn and be challenged.

With the USA Team trails scheduled to be held on the Nantahala on March 27-28, and a plethora of training camps/opportunities to be held between now and then, this is the perfect venue to get started for the 2010 racing season! There are boats and home-stays available for friends and friends of friends. Just let us know what you need.

The 2010 "Chute the Hooch" Training Camp will be held in the Atlanta area Sat-Sun January 23-24. We are excited about our coaching staff and the list of folks who have already indicated that they would attend. In addition to world class coaching, anyone attending the training camp will also receive the Wildwater Training DVD that we recently put together. We are planning on also having a mini-camp get together the weekend before, just let me know if you can attend.

This camp is perfect for any paddler who has an interest in learning or developing their downriver/wildwater racing skills and like minded adventure racers and fitness paddlers. The training camp is often frequented by Junior and/or up and coming Wildwater paddlers, as well USA Team Members, because we have the opportunity to coach paddlers of all abilities by dividing into groups.

Participants will need to paddle (or borrow) a wildwater/downriver style racing boat in composite or plastic (like a Wavehopper or Speeder), or an unlimited class boat, or a relatively fast sea kayak, adventure racing or flatwater boat. Paddlers with more of a flatwater interest are free to attend on Saturday only. Open canoes with a racing pedigree are also acceptable. Whitewater "cruising" or general recreation boats are not acceptable.

Participants must be capable of self rescue on flatwater and Class II whitewater. The camp is not suitable for beginner paddlers. Advanced paddlers desiring to develop skills in downriver/wildwater racing are encouraged to attend (just let us know what you need to borrow for gear).


SATURDAY (suitable for everyone including sea kayaks, flatwater and adventure racers)

  • 10:00 - Meet at the Atlanta Rowing Club venue at the City of Roswell Chattahoochee River Park boat ramp at 1123 Azalea Drive, Roswell, GA 30075
  • Stroke Review and Video
  • 12:30ish - Break for light lunch (i.e. Starbucks)
  • 2:30ish - Apply what you have learned
  • PM - Video Review
  • 7:30 - USA Wildwater Committee Board Meeting - open to all

SUNDAY (easy whitewater technique training - location TBA)

  • 10:00 - techniques for driving the boat through (easy) whitewater and learning the lines for the afternoon time trial.
  • 2:00 - putting it together in a Time Trial (mock race)

Note: I will be having a mini-version of this the training camp the weekend before (Jan 16-17), just let me know what you are able to attend.

To RSVP just shoot an email to Be sure to include the following:

  1. The kind of boat you will be paddling. If you need to borrow a boat, let me know what you need to borrow (such as a Wavehopper).
  2. Also indicate if you will need a home-stay.

As always, there is no charge as we don't want this to be an "organized" event by NPS standards. You should be a USACK member if at all possible (Note: this is a good investment as you will get this modest fee back from doing a few races. (See for membership).

Also, please help the USA Wildwater Team sponsor our athletes and programs as you are able through a tax deducible donation. Here's how:

For additional information see:

Please RSVP and let me know your questions.

John Pinyerd