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Pacific Northwest Training Camp

by Rich Roehner
USA Canoe/Kayak
US Team C-2 Wildwater
(with Mike Baker)

September 17, 2009 -- Bellingham, WA

We are having the annual (2nd year anyway) WW camp in Bellingham on Friday 9/25 thru Sunday 9/27. It will be attended by several US Team members, at least one of which will be heading to Tasmania to compete in the 2009 World Cups.

The current schedule for the camp is:

Friday Afternoon: Between noon and 2pm meet or stop by at Rich Roehner’s – 2002 40th Street, Bellingham, WA 98229 (Google it up or get off I5 as you are heading North at the North Lake Samish exit and turn left on Samish way and head down the road several miles passing Lake Padden Park on the left till you see 40th Street coming in on the right and head up the hill about 1000m and 2002 40th Street is the Green House on the Left with funny boats in front)…and/or at 2pm-4pm we will be paddling (technique review & discuss – beginner to expert) at Lake Padden park – using the old swimmers beach in the middle of the park off Lake Samish Road with the Bathroom building. Just look for the pile of weird looking boats if you get there late….we will have 3-K1’s, 2-C1’s, and one C2 available for folks along with assorted wing paddles (205 cm) for trial…

Friday Evening: Check in at Roehner’s (see above) between 4:30 and 6pm so we know how much Pizza & Salad to get…then stay for food and review of Wildwater racing videos for the “best” technique….there may even be some live entertainment before light’s out around 9:30 – 10:00 pm. Roehner’s have floor space available for those needing accommodations and bringing sleeping bags/pad/pillows and a cooler & ice with any needed /desired foodstuffs (drinks & Snacks)-please contact Rich direct at to reserve your floorspace for any or all of the two nights of the camp. The Roehners will also provide drying rack space for wet gear, bathroom access of course, and a library of the latest wildwater books and videos and DVD/Video players to watch them with. A basic breakfast (yogurt, bananas, granola, tea, OJ) will also be provided along with Gatorade and assorted power bars. Please bring anything else you really need/want! Please also email Rich to reserve a WW boat if you do not currently own one and/or want to try one….and for floor space at his house for Friday (and Saturday) nights.

Saturday Morning: Lack of precip (a good thing?!) has brought about a change in schedule – Saturday morning we offer two possibilities:

  • Those wanting a “hard training session” can compete in the Sound Rowers Lake Samish Roe ( a 5.5 mile flatwater sprint …see …the race starts at 10 am with racers meeting at 9:15 am and costs $24 for non-members of Sound Rowers) we are working with Greg Dutton to insure quality video of your paddling technique at the START and FINISH of the race (usually a BIG difference shows up technique wise !! ;)
  • Those wanting to work on basic technique and test drive the different WW boat designs will go to Lake Padden at 9am at the same swimmers beach site (hard core athletes can do a trail run around Lake Padden starting at 8 am) and finish the morning session with one or more 1000 m sprints (timed) starting at 10 am….should be done with everything by 10:30 am.
  • All camp participants are entitled to early morning breakfast and rest / recuperate/lunch at Roehner’s (see above) from 11 am to 2pm…Gatorade, bread, cheese, granola, and bananas/apples/oranges will be provided……Starbucks is down the hill…..please let Rich know if you are needing breakfast and/or lunch..

Saturday Afternoon: From 2-4 pm we will be either doing technique and video of paddlers at Lake Padden OR using Whatcom Creek (the Class II sprint course) depending upon creek level / precip amounts between now and then. At Whatcom Creek we would be doing both upstream attainments and down river sprints working on technique/tempo variations….we will decide Friday night on venue. In either case WE WILL VIDEO folks.

Saturday Night: Video review of the morning and afternoon training sessions at Roehner’s from 6pm to 9pm along with Spaghetti / Bread/Salad feed …again please reserve your floor space and food by email to Rich. Additional review of Wildwater racing videos / DVD’s can happen since multiple players and Video screens are available. Lights out 9:30 to 10:00 pm at Roehner’s … access also available at Roehner’s.

Sunday – Morning & Afternoon: Roehner’s will again provide breakfast for home stay folks or others (with a head’s up email)..…then….Depending upon river levels we anticipate paddling sprints through Class III rapids at EITHER the Nooksac River near Doug Fir Campground or the Skagit River (S-Bends Section) near Marblemount. We will decide Saturday night. We will be able to transport boats via trailer but folks will likely need to arrange ride share to get their butts to the river……again contact Rich by email if you need a rideshare. We anticipate being out of Roehner’s heading to the river by 8am and being DONE on the river after lunch time-sometime depending upon interest and activity levels….Note: The Skagit S-Bend Rapids are the site of the proposed (by the NW League of Whitewater Racers) 2010 USACK Wildwater Nationals! Safety boaters (or boater) will be provided in either river location.


  • Contact Rich by email if you want floorspace and food at his house in Bellingham for the camp or to reserve a WW boat…and to just let us know you are attending.
  • Also let Rich know if you have any food/pet allergies or other health needs if you want to stay at his house…


  • Feel free to stay with friends or fine hoteliers in B’Ham but stop in at Rich’s to watch technique videos and or eat after you reserve food needs with Rich…
  • Feel free to suggest additional or alternative activities for the camp..
  • Feel free to donate $ to USACK and USA Wildwater to cover camp costs……but it is free of cost with exception of the Sound Rowers Race…see their website above.
  • Let Rich know if you need other equipment (life vest, spray skirts, etc.).
  • If you are not currently a member of USACK we will provide on-line access to registration so you have insurance coverage for this event!
  • Don’t forget the Nooksac Sprint races (and Slalom too on the 4th ) on October 3rd.

See you at the CAMP…Rich (and Mike Baker) US Team C-2 Wildwater