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2009 Western Junior Team Trials
April 25-26

by Denny Adams
USA Wildwater

April 23,2009 -- Glenwood Springs, CO

The latest on the Western US Jr. Team Trials is this much anticipated event is on schedule as planned. On course practice is already taking place as this is going to press and will continue on through Friday afternoon. Our event registration will take place in Glenwood Springs at Two Rivers Park at 6:00 PM on Friday evening (April 24th) and from 7:30 to 8:00 AM prior to the (8:00 AM) event pre-race meeting for racers, officials, and involved parent spectators. Aside from safety and logistics the meeting will cover our logistical details stressing our need to minimize our impact in this busy recreational corridor. We will also be checking boats for soundness and life jackets for fit and floataton ability and making recommendations for dressing for the water temperatures. A real need for our participants is to minimize the parking impact as a condition of our special use permit. We will work on parking in town and carpooling to the race site as much as possible.

Saturday's race is the Classic which will take place on Maneater Rapid, the last rapid on Shoshone, down to a finish line at No Name. Our plan is to launch our first racers off at 9:00 AM. The access for river side viewing areas will be from the river side bike and hiking path. We will be stressing the need to actually sit and stand off of the pathway. A pot luck sandwich lunch will be held after the race at a to be determined later site away from the course.

Sunday's race is our Sprint competition. It's course will again start in the pool above Maneater rapid and continue after that rapid through a class one and two stretch below for about a quarter of a mile. The first runs will begin at around 9:00 AM, the second runs at around 11:00 AM. Awards will be held afterwards at a yet to be determined site.