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2009 ICF Junior Wildwater World Championships

March 22, 2009

We are beginning to receive more information about the 2009 Junior Wildwater World Championships, which will be held in Buochs, Switzerland on July 11-18.

Important Links:

Click here to see pictures of the 2008 race at the same venue.

The most important pictures are of the sluice between a wier and a rock, marked by red gates. Also note the small "take-out raft" at the finish. There is a dangerous wier just downstream of the finish so managing the take-out has to be careful. Hopefully they will improve the take-out this year.

Remember, there was a lot of rain last year and the river channel was high and fast then.

More information about the package offer for accomodations at the Swiss Military Academy:

  1. Time period
    The rooms are available from Wednesday, July 8th (late afternoon) to Monday, July 20th 2009 (lunch time). In order to have someone meet you upon arrival at the Military Academy we would like to coordinate arrival times a few days in advance.

  2. Available beds / bed linen is included
    We were able to reserve around 180 beds for athletes / coaches in the main building and 100 beds for coaches in the Military Training Centre.

    The main building has rooms with either 6 or 7 beds. We may need to mix Nations but of course we will separate females and males. The exact arrangement will be provided prior to your arrival.

    The Training Centre has 10 rooms for single occupancy and 45 rooms for double occupancy.

  3. Cost for entire package
    We can only offer the full package which includes 3 meals per day (breakfast/lunch/dinner) and accommodation. The times for serving of meals will be provided prior to your arrival.

    • Main building / Athletes (the prices are per person and day)
      The cost is CHF 60.00 or 42.00.
      Exception: arrival and departure day depending on meals taken.

    • Military Training Centre
      The cost for a single room is CHF 85.00 or 58.00.
      The cost for the double room is CHF 75.00 or 52.00 if occupied by 2 people or CHF 120.00 or 83.00 if occupied by only 1 person.

      Cooking facilities for personal use are not available within the entire compound.

  4. Acceptance sequence of reservations
    • incoming reservation date and priority for longest duration of stay
    • Athletes, Coaches, other official Team members
    • visitors (parents &friends)

  5. Terms of payment
    Prepayment of 50% for the reserved duration and number of occupants, rest on arrival date.

  6. Car/trailer parking
    There will be enough parking space within the military compound or close by.

  7. Drying room
    A cloth drying room will be available during the entire period. Wet canoe gear are not allowed in the rooms.

  8. Laundry facility
    is available on the compound.