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2009 USA Nationals Festival/FIBArk Whitewater Festival

Plans are Really Coming Together for this Wildwater Mega Event in Salida, CO June 18-21!!!!

January 26, 2009 -- Salida, CO

USA Wildwater is honored to hold our USA Canoe/Kayak Wildwater National Championships and Team Trials as part of the 2009 FIBArk Whitewater Festival. Our plans to host a world class Wildwater Mega event in Salida Colorado June 18-21 are really coming together. If you are a Wildwater racer of any skill level, this is where you will want to be in mid-June!

The Nationals events as well as FIBArk races have been designated as "International Races" by the International Canoe Federation (ICF). This is quite an honor for FIBArk and returns the classic Downriver race to its former glory! We expect competitors of all skill levels from throughout America and Canada to attend as well international racers from the Pan-Am region and Europe.

The event will be FOUR events in one! For starters, USA Wildwater is using the event to serve as both our 2009 Senior Team Trials and Nationals. The FIBArk classic Downriver/Wildwater race is one of the longest running races on the planet and has drawn competitors from around the globe for 60 years. In addition FIBArk is adding a Wildwater Sprint in town. And USA Wildwater is planning on hosting a training camp to familiarize racers of all levels with the sections of river we will be racing.

Our plan is to have a fleet of plastic Wildwater style boats (Wavehoppers and Speeders) at the festival for use by new Wildwater racers. USA Wildwater will also host/staff a booth throughout the FIBArk event and demo Wildwater boats.

Preliminary Schedule of Wildwater Events (Mon June 15- Sun June 22):

  • Mon/Tues (tentative) - USA Wildwater will host a training camp. The purpose of the camp will be to prepare racers of all levels for the upcoming events.
  • Thursday a.m. - Wildwater Nationals Sprint - Cottonwood Rapid
  • Friday a.m. - Wildwater Nationals Classic - Start in town at the top of Slalom rapid. Finish below Bear Creek (county line maker).
  • Saturday - Noon - FIBArk Wildwater Sprint in town. Note: plan is to try boater X style with 3 boats per heat with classes for all styles of Wildwater boats.
  • Saturday - 4 PM - Wildwater demo. This 20-30 minute program will be organized and run by Jeremy Rogers and will demonstrate the functionality of Wildwater racing boats!
  • Sunday a.m. - FIBArk Classic Downriver Race!

We are also excited about the sponsorship and prizes for this week of events. Start planning now to attend!

Stay tuned to and for more updates.

For more information contact: Denny Adams - USA Wildwater Events Coordinator ( or Edwin Loeffel - FIBArk Wildwater Events Coordinator (

John Pinyerd
USA Wildwater Chairman