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(Almost Final) 2008 U.S. Wildwater Rankings

Your last chance to comment

by Chuck Brabec Webmaster

November 21, 2008 -- Canvas, WV

The 2008 U.S. Wildwater Rankings are as complete as I can make them. You can view them at The last page of the file includes a description of the methodology that was used to calculate the rankings. This methodology was also published in an article on July 2nd, so it should not be new news to anyone.

The second column in the 2008 Wildwater Calendar contains an asterisk for each event for which I have results. Since there are no more races on the calendar for this year, the current rankings will be the final rankings unless someone contacts me with more information.

Now is your last chance to let me know where I can find any missing results and to send me any issues that you may have with the rankings. You can contact me at USAWildwater Webmaster.

Chuck Brabec
Rankings/News Editor/Webmaster
USA Wildwater Committee