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2008 USA Wildwater National Championships

Please accept my apologies

August 6, 2008 -- Boston, MA

I humbly begin this post with the sincerest apology that I can offer. We had a handful of minor mathematical boo-boos in the overall results, and one that was not at all minor. Since I was the guy wrestling with the laptop, I take full responsibility for this.

A new set of complete results of the two-day event may be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. But, I must specifically address one major piece of this correction.

Our 2008 US K-1W National Champion is, in fact, MacKenzie Hatcher. And Lane Errickson takes second in K-1W class. I am well aware that this is heart-breaking news for Lane, buteshis is the result that the race data demand. Karen Blom, our gracious Nationals Race Director, either has, or will soon be contacting both Lane and Mackenzie by phone.

There were two or three other minor adjustments, butesone that affect results in a highly-material way.

Mistakes happen, and Karen and I are doing all that we can to address this in a responsible and timely manner. Please trust that the Wildwater Board will proactively do all that it can to keep things like this from happening in the futese.

And once again, congrats to all of our US Nationals participants.

  Seth Eisner, Vice Chairman, US Wildwater Committee

Click here to view the amended results