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Wildwater Boat-o-Rama

we need wildwater boats

by Seth Eisner
Vice Chair
US Wildwater Committee

July 16, 2008 -- Charlemont, MA

Well, 2008 Nationals week is a bit more than 2 weeks away. I am happy to report that I have heard from many of you, and it feels like the Deerfield might be seeing many paddlers during Nationals Week. That's great news!

One theme seems to recur however… we need wildwater boats. So, if you have one in your backyard getting ready to collect another winters-worth of yuck, it's time to clean it up, and get it back on the water. Preferably, with you in it. Butesif wildwater paddling is likely to be a thing of your past, please consider getting your boat back into circulation. Our sport is starved for boats right now. And this post is an APB for Wildwater Boats.

I have a feeling that Wildwater boats in decent shape (and fairly priced) are likely to sell at the Zoar Nationals this year. (If you haven't been watching too closely, we're talking Massachusetts.) Ship it off to New England, or send it along with somebody planning to make the drive. If you're unfamiliar with the logistics on shipping a wildwater boat, click on this link: Shipping a Wildwater Boat. Perception Wavehoppers are in particularly high demand.

Hope to see y'all in Massachusetts.