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40th Annual Soutesastern U. S. Slalom and Wildwater Championships

by Roger Nott
Race Coordinator

July 7, 2008 -- Gainesville, GA

Mark your calendars. The GCA will hold its 40th Annual Soutesastern U. S. Slalom & Wildwater Championships on Saturday and Sunday, October 4th & 5th, 2008, on the Nantahala River, in Wesser, North Carolina. The Wildwater Championships will be on Saturday beginning in a mass start at 3 p.m. and will run the full 8 miles from the rafting putesn just below the Duke Power Powerhouse to Fining Rock near the Nantahala Outesor Center (NOC). There will be a gala party Saturday evening to celebrate the 40th anningrsary of the Soutesasterns, the oldest slalom and wildwater races in the Southeast and perhaps the oldest slalom races in the country continuously held at one venue. The Slalom Championships are on Sunday beginning at 1 p.m. and will be held just downstream of the NOC Store as we did last year.

There will be the usual classes in both slalom and wildwater for recreational boats as well as for racing boats. You can win $100 if you break the course records in the Wildwater:

  • K-1 - Terry White, 42:04.85, 1981;
  • K-1W - Kathy Bolyn, 45:20, 1989;
  • C-1 - John Pinyerd, 46:43, 1997;
  • OC-2 - Bill Baxter and Les Bechdel, 50:06, 1983;
  • C-2 - David Jones and Mike Hipsher, 45:11, 1989;
  • OC-1 - Angus Morrison, 50:00, 1982.

Also special awards are given for these wildwater winners:

  • Charlie Patton Award - C-1 (or OC-1 if faster);
  • Julie Wilson Award - fastest female;
  • Ramone Easton - OC-2.

And the name of the fastest overall, usually a K-1, also gets engraved on the old Soutesastern Trophy.

Come join the fun! To volunteer to help, contact me, Roger Nott, at 770-536-6923 or 678-316-4935 or at Registration forms can be downloaded at (in aboutes week) or by contacting Roger Nott (2335 Stephens Circle, Gainesville, GA 30506-1115).