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Prijon Wildwater Boats

by Chris Hipgrave
USA Canoe/Kayak
Olympic High Performance Director

July 3, 2008 -- Charlotte, NC

As those of you at Worlds and Masters Worlds would have noticed, there were tons of Prijon wildwater kayaks being used on the circuit this year. I think between them and Zastera they probably had 80+% of the kayak field. I stayed in Europe after Worlds and had the opportuning to go to the Prijon factory where I met with Jurgen Prijon and he graciously allowed me to demo brand new Prijon wildwater kayaks on the Inn River that runs close by.

To cutes long story short, I had a chance to demo several different designs and I have ordered a Prijon Bala based on how the boat feels and the excellent build quality, not to mention the hospitality that Jurgen showed me. I also demoed a Loisach and have owned a Vezere in the past.

Prijon has warehouses in both PA and CO and they ship boats directly from Germany into these warehouses on a regular basis which is a huge opportuning when ordering individual boats. Apparently, they have never had a composite boat broken in their containers which is excellent news too. There are 2 build categories: Class I (all Carbon/Kevlar) and Class II (Carbon Kevlar, and some Fiberglass). Prices delivered into either USA warehouse (including freight and customs fees) are US $2350 for Class II boats and US $2550 for Class I boats.

Needless to say I am very excited aboutesetting my new Bala next month. If you are interested in a Prijon wildwater kayak contact Landis Arnold at Wildwasser Sport USA, Inc., tel: 303-444-2336 ext 11, fax: 303-444-2375, or check out