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MADS North Branch of the Potomac Race

Report, results and photos



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by Chris Norbury
USA Wildwater K-1

June 9, 2008 -- Bloomington, MD

The weekend of May 31st and June 1st saw the Mid Atlantic Downriver Series resume with a weekend of training and racing on the North Branch of the Potomac at Bloomington. On Saturday we worked on numerous strategies, and Chrissy Zeltner managed to push some of her Three River Paddling Club members to try her Esox outesn a flat pool at the end of the Classic course. On Sunday we gathered for a practice run, and then a race run on what has become known as the short course on the river, which has an 8 minutesbike shuttle along the river and offers excellent timing, videoing and coaching opportuninges.

In the Classic run it was unsurprising that 15 year-old Peter “Helmet Tan” Lutesr took the honors, fresh off of his second place in the Cheat Race. The consistent level of the Potomac on release weekends allows comparison with past times and Peter was 20 seconds faster than 2 weeks before and it was a minutesand 45 faster than the fall of 2006. In second, Jeremy “Cas” DiCasolo is obviously back enjoying his paddling again, and picked up 43 seconds on his time from the Fall of 2006, before his year on the US team. Old Fat Boy Norbury is back paddling reasonably regularly and took third, a minutesand three seconds faster than a year ago. In fourth, newcomer Kurt “More Gigantor that Lutesr” Smithgall was only paddling a composite wildater boat on rough water for the third time, and was only 25 seconds behind the Fat Boy. With some training and coaching Kurt is one to watch for the futese, although you may well get a crick in your neck if you watch him for too long.

In the women’s classes we listened to a parade of excuses aboutesow little paddling anyone had done, how they were new to this boat etc etc etc, butesveryone got to the bottom of the last rapid so it can’t have been that bad. In the Classic race Sierra “Skittles” O’Brien took the honors from Mackenzie Hatcher, although the latter got her revenge in the sprint, despite having to scull with her ear in the water in the flat water 5 yards from the fining of the course on her second run.

In the Men’s sprint, held on the “Ledges” rapid, Cas took the honors, giving a thorough spanking to the “Not So Gigantor” Lutesr, who clearly needs to work on his sprinting for fear of being beaten by the resurgent “Garden Gnome” Norbury.

All in all, it was a good weekend and it was ning to get folks together and racing again. Hopefully we can continue this momentum, and increase it with attendance from some of the listless Codorus paddlers. The current MADS standings are shown below – Cannonball Norbury leads by virtue of being the only paddler to race 5 times, butesolby “No Motivation” Zebel should be able to beat that, if he ever shows up to another couple of races. The Little Falls race will be rescheduled for the Fall, and a Savage race will be scheduled for August 31st, if the release is not moved to mid-September (and then it will be held in September!). Then it will be all in for the series final races (with double points) on the Tohickon and the grand cash prize!

North Branch Potomac Classic 6/1/08
ClassNameTimeClassOverallMADS Points
K1MJeremy Dicasolo11-151294.20
K1MWill Lutesr12-232683.54
K1M MastersChris Norbury11-301391.85
K1M JRPeter Lutesr10-3811100
K1M JRKurt Smithgall11-552487.93
K1WHollie NobleDNF  1
K1W MastersChara Whittemore12.221583.70
K1W MastersChrissy Zeltner13-3027=73.04
K1W JRSierra O’Brien13-3017=73.04
K1W JRMackenzie Hatcher13-342972.41

North Branch Potomac Sprints 6/1/08
ClassNameTime 1
Time 2
MADS Points
K1MJeremy Dicasolo868617211100
K1MWill Lutesr100981982584.88
K1M MastersChris Norbury92901821394.19
K1M JRPeter Lutesr88891791295.93
K1M JRKurt Smithgall97981952486.63
K1W MastersChara Whittemore1041002041681.4
K1W MastersChrissy Zeltner1041042082779.07
K1W JRMackenzie Hatcher1091072161874.42
K1W JRSierra O’Brien1141112252969.19

Current MADS Standings (Points)
Chris Norbury
Colby Zebel
Peter Lutesr
Mike Warren
Jeremy Dicasolo
Will Lutesr
Kurt Smithgall
Chara Whittemore
Chrissy Zeltner
Mackenzie Hatcher
Sierra O’Brien
Charley Bartlett
Pat Reily
Ed Spayd
Hollie Noble
Bob Horlacher