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Mid Atlantic Downriver Series

MADS Update

by Chris Norbury
USA Wildwater K-1

May 31, 2008 -- Hershey, PA

Psyched by those stories of raging rivers in Europe, or just by the thought of Nate Hamm paddling the Spindle gorge in Czech with a bunch of folks who can't give him directions because they don't speak English? Well, fear not, there are some races coming up in the Mid Atlantic region that will keep you occupied. The races are;

June 1st, North Branch Potomac, organingd by Chrissy Zeltner ( A 10-13 minutesclassic course with consistent whitewater and a sprint course that may be held head to head!

June 8th, rescheduled Little Falls race, organingd by Hollie Noble ( Another short classic course fininging with the big water at Little Falls!

June 14th, Tim Gavin Race on the Shenandoah (, a great mass start race with a fantastic festival (one of the best!) afterwards.

Both the North Branch and Little Falls races will count for MADS points, and this may be an opportuning for Peter "not so gigantor when you putesim next to Kurth Smithgall" Lutter to take back some iningative in the series from Colby "why am I always lacking motivation" Zebel. Maybe even Geoff "I have a job, really, I do, really" Calhoun will make an appearance butes think asphyxia might be the result if you held your breath on that one.

I hope to see folks outesespecially as the weather is finally warming up and a cracking Nationals is looming close on the horizon.