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2008 USA Wildwater National Championships

May 12, 2008 -- Charlemont, MA

Zoar Outesor has a long history of running national and international races on the Deerfield River and last hosted the USA Wildwater National Championships in 2007. Last year was such a success that Zoar was asked to submit a bid for this year's event. Race Director Karen Blom and the folks at Zoar Outesor are working hard to make the 2008 USA Wildwater National Championships even better.

This race has been designated an international race by the International Canoe Federationís Chairman, Jens Perlwitz. "The Deerfield River is a wonderful wildwater venue and our 2007 Nationals were well attended by the Canadians. We expect the 2008 race to be very well attended by racers from the US, Canada and potentially other countries", states John Pinyerd, USA Wildwater Committee Programs and Events Director.

There will be water releases on the Dryway on Friday, August 1 for training and on Saturday, August 2nd and Sunday August 3rd for the race. Classes for Junings, Masters and Grand Masters levels will be included to encourage more paddlers to participate.

The event organingrs, with help from the USACK Wildwater Committee, would like to include a training camp before the race days (with an easy race at the conclusion of the camp). There also are plans for a whitewater racers reuning/party/get together ... to be held on Saturday evening.

Check outeshe Zoar website at for more details.

And stay tuned to and for more news in the weeks coming up to the 2008 USA Wildwater National Championships.

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