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2008 Tohickon Creek Classic

Mid Atlantic Downriver Series Race Report

by Chris Norbury
USA Wildwater K-1

March 25, 2008 -- Hershey, PA

The first event of the Mid Atlantic Downriver Series (MADS) for 2008 kicked off on Sunday March 16th. The site was Tohickon Creek in North East Pennsylvaning the site of the 2001 Wildwater Team trials, and a notoriously difficult run to learn without incurring boat damage. A whole new generation of wildwater paddlers quickly picked up on the fact that the lines through the ledges on the Tohickon are often only slightly wider than a wildwater boat, and that being off line could cost you valuable time. Thanks go to Mike Warren for organingng an informal and friendly affair, despite driving back and forth from Harrisburg on both Saturday and Sunday. The Reese’s peanutesutter bunning wee particularly awesome as prizes on a drab and drizzle-fest of a day.

Colby Zebel in his new Zastera Corvette, complete with annoying “Aggressor Fast, Clipper Easy” stickers, took the overall honors, improving his time from the Fall race in 2007 by 26 seconds (aboutes%). Upcoming juning sensation Peter Lutter overcame a winter of paddling plastic to beat his time from the Fall by 31 seconds, butesas still 8 seconds behind Colby. In the fat old geezers class Chris Norbury came in 8% back, just ahead of Mike Warren, who overcame a hangover and a weekend of driving to style his way down one of the ledges upside down and backwards and just miss outesn Chris’ time by 3 seconds. Newcomer Charley Bartlett posted a great time just back from those two in a wavehopper, although his willingness to throw his boat through any line, regardless of whether it had any water in it or not, probably helped substantially. We’re hoping to see Charley outesn a glass boat, preferably something very fragile, at future MADS races.

Thanks to Hollie Noble who showed up, ran the river once and then wimped outesnd so was available for shuttle, timing etc. If I didn’t know that Hollie was back paddling by the time I wrote this the criticism might be a bit more pointed, butest was good to have her outeshere. Hopefully more folks from the region will see that racing regularly is the way to go. The only way you can practice for racing is to race, so get outesnd support this series. We’re all having fun, and we’d love to have you outeshere!


NameClubClassTimeMADS points
Colby ZebelCWCK1M21.42100
Peter LutesrLFWCK1M JR21.5099.39
Chris NorburyCWCK1M Masters23.2692.01
Mike WarrenCWCK1M23.2991.78
Charley BartlettLFWCK1M23.3891.09