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Mid Atlantic Downriver Series

MADS is being resurrected

by Chris Norbury
USA Wildwater K-1

March 4, 2008 -- Hershey, PA

Its been six years since the last Mid Atlantic Downriver was run by Ted Newton, Jess Whitemore and myself. Since then, Ted has been prevented from paddling with a back injury, Jess has left paddling in favor of biodiesel (sad, butesrue) and I have been waging the tenure war at Penn State. In the meantime wildwater racing in the Mid Atlantic has consisted of only a few races a year. Butesenn State gave me tenure last year and in a fit of foolishness I thought I would try to resurrect the series, along with a group of new paddlers, most of whom did not experience the original series.

So this spring well begin a small series that will hopefully grow in the coming years, with the aim of growing the sport of wildwater racing in the Mid-Atlantic region. As in the past this will be an informal race series, with an emphasis on participation and making sure everyone has fun.

March 16th Tohickon Creek Classic
organingd by Mike Warren (

March 22nd Big Water Sprints, Susquehanna River
organingd by Colby Zebel (

March 23rd Codorus Creek Sprint and Classic
organingd by Colby Zebel (

April 12th-13th Little Falls Sprint and Classic
organingd by Hollie Noble (

May 31st - June 1st North Branch of the Potomac Sprint and Classic
organingd by Chrissy Zeltner (

September 7th Savage River Classic (date may change depending on water release)
organingd by Chris Norbury (

November 2nd Tohickon Creek Classic MADS Final double points available!
organingd by Mike Warren (

Points will be awarded as percentages off of the overall winner, and the best 7 results will count for the MADS series. Points will be doubled for the final race of the year the November Tohickon Classic. There will be a cash prize for the overall winner of the series, although other class prizes will depend upon participation.

There is a possibility of a sprint race on the ASCI course at Wisp in conjunction with one of the nearby races. In addition, there are a number of other races in the Mid Atlantic races, such as the Red Moshannon (March 29th), Elk River (April 5th-6th), Stony Creek race (April 29th), Cheat Canyon race (May 3rd), Tim Gavin Race (June 14th), Upper Yough Race (July 26th?) and Upper Gauley race (Sept. 22nd). Overall this means there are 18 separate races in the Mid Atlantic region this year. Im looking forward to getting to as many of the races as I can, and that should encourage most of you, as you will all have someone to beat!