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Chutesthe Hooch Training Camp Recap

with links to video and photos

by Chris Hipgrave
USA Canoe/Kayak
Olympic High Performance Director

January 29, 2008 -- Almond, NC

January 26th and 27th saw the annual "Chutesthe Hooch" wildwater camp in Atlanta, GA. The camp was open to everyone but geared towards those interested in trying the sport of wildwater or simply fitness paddling. Due to its open and user friendly nature, the camp is usually quite popular and this year was no disappointment with over 20 people attending over the course of the weekend for this free, hands on opportuning.

Saturday was a flatwater based operation off of Azalea Drive in Roswell. After a quick reviewsof boat outestting, equipment choice, correct posture and techninge basics, we hopped in the water in three groups. Coaches John Pinyerd, David Jones and Chris Hipgrave worked with the beginners, intermediates and advanced respectively. The morning session built on the basic paddling techninge and used video for immediate feedback. Thanks to videographer Tom O'Sullivan and beached based coaching from Martin Bay. It was cold in Atlanta, so after a quick warm up lunch at Starbucks it was back on the water. The afternoon sessions were up tempo workouteswhere we focused on the new techninge skills we learned from the morning. As expected, as people got tired they tended to revert to their bad habits, The afternoon really enforced the need to practice, practice, practice. After a great spaghetti dinner at the Pinyerds house, we settled in to warm up while watching videos from previous world cups and world championships, while also analyzing the video we took from the day using the latest in video analyzation tools. Everyone walked away with a full stomach and a list of things to work on the next day.

Sunday moved the cliningdown to the whitewater in Atlanta. Due to the on going drought in the area, water levels were very low, buteshere was still enough whitewater to work on our skills. In the morning we focused on one long rapid that included converging currents, waves, boils and a flatwater run outeso develop our moving water skills while incorporating the techninge skills learned the day before. The rapid allowed us to attain back up after running it, thereby allowing us to also work on boat control and power delivery. We took more video which we reviewsd in the parking lot while we warmed up during lunch. That afternoon we held an impromptu sprint race, giving some attendees their first race experience. The 3.5 minutesrace was fun for all and proved challenging for nearly everyone.

Thanks to all that attended and also to those who volunteered in order to make this event possible. The event was a resounding success and we hope that everyone will participate in futese races and clining.

Video footage from the cliningis available at the YouTube downriver community ...

Chuck Sporning's blog and pictures from the events are available at ...

Jenningr Green's Facebook page with pictures and commentary from the weekend is available at ...

Race results:

3:23 J.P.Bevilaqua
3:39 Rob Murphy
3:59 Casey Jones (JR)
4:03 John Pinyerd (C1)
4:07 Jeremy Rogers
4:09 Lincoln Williams
4:26 Zack Nichols (JR - Wavehopper)
4:53 Kevin Miller (C1)
5:34 Chuck Sporning (Speeder)
6:25 Jenningr Green (K1W - Wavehopper)