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Nominations for the 2008/2009 USACK Wildwater Committee

and campaign news from the nominees

by Chuck Brabec
USAWildwater Webmaster

November 6, 2007 -- Canvas, WV

As part of the election process, we invited all nominees to do a little "campaigning". This web page contains the current list of nominees and a compilation the information that I received to date from them. This page will be updated if and when I receive additional information from the nominees.

ChairmanDouglas Ritchie
Vice-ChairmanSeth Eisner
TreasurerDavid Jones
Programs & Events CoordinatorJohn Pinyerd
Rankings/Newsletter EditorCharles (Chuck) Brabec
Western Athlete RepresentativeTom Wier
Eastern Athlete RepresentativeChrissy Zeltner

From Doug Ritchie (Nominee for Chairman)
I am rather unabashedly campaigning for your vote! I am running for Chairman of the USA Wildwater Committee for 2008/2009. I support the people running for the board positions listed below and I hope you will as well. We have the endorsement of John Pinyerd the, outbound Chairman, and I believe can work as a team to continue to make Wildwater a growing and dynamic sport. Please see the details of how to vote and/or nominate someone on at:

All of the current nominees are actively involved in promoting the sport of Wild Water racing and will do their best to help grow the sport that means so much to us all.

Thanks for your support.

Doug Ritchie
(currently) Vice Chairman, USA Wildwater Committee

From Seth Eisner (Nominee for Vice Chairman)
Greetings all. My name is Seth Eisner, and I am running for the position of Vice Chairman. In one capacity or another, I have been connected to wildwater for more than 30 years. So, Ive had ample opportunity to observe, both for better and for worse, the numerous trends and patterns in our sport. In fact heres one pattern I know we all observe over the years, our domestic wildwater community has declined. Id like to turn that around. So, my mini-platform - Broaden our domestic paddlerbase. This will take some meaningful time, energy, and money. But I have some ideas on how we can make this a reality. And with your support, Id like to give it a try.

Thanks for your support.

Seth Eisner
(currently) member-at-large, USA WIldwater Committee

From Chuck Brabec (Nominee for Rankings/Newsletter Editor)
I am running for Rankings/Newsletter Editor of the USA Wildwater Committee for 2008/2009. I have been busy working as the Webmaster and E-Zine Editor since the summer of 2004. In that position, I have been doing many of the tasks defined in the Bylaws of the Wildwater Committee. My additional responsibilities as the Rankings/Newsletter Editor of the USAWildwater Committee will be to collect racing results, publish the Wildwater competitor rankings and to represent the Wildwater community as an active USA Wildwater Committee member.

Thanks for your support.

Chuck Brabec
(currently) Webmaster and E-Zine Editor

From Tom Wier (Nominee for Western Athlete Representative)
I have been the Western Athlete Representative for the last six years. I currently plan to train and race for a several more years, and will be very involved in the sport during that time, whether I am a member of the committee or not. I am working on improving communication between the wildwater board and athletes, and will continue to do so through the next two years if elected.

Thanks for your vote.

Tom Wier
(currently) estern Athlete Representative, USA Wildwater Committee