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USA Wildwater Team Performs Well in 2007

Eight Athletes Earn Performance Funding

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman

August 22, 2007 -- Marietta, GA

I'm extremely proud of our 2007 USA Wildwater Teams and their performance at the 2007 World Cups and the Junior World Championships.

Our Junior Team earned a total of 3 medals at the Jr. Worlds in Team Races.

  • In the K-1W Team Sprint Race, Tierney O'Sullivan, Sarah Kunz and Anna Pierotti won a World Championship Bronze Medal.
  • In the C-1 Team race Craig Adams, Cody Beach and Logan Hartle won bronze medals in both the Sprint and the Classic races.

At the World Cups, the Senior Team was also quite successful

  • In K-1W, Jeanie Goldberg placed 6th in the Sprint Race in Ivera ITA.
  • In C-1, Tom Wier continues to improve and is within a few percentage of being a serious medal contender. He ranked in the top ten in the World Cups.

Due to the continued support and generosity of our sponsors, USA Wildwater is continuing to get better at supporting our athletes with housing, some basic coaching, etc. We are thrilled to be able to provide Performance Funding totaling $3000 to help our athletes offset their expenses and hope to GROW the program. And it is exciting to see two of our Juniors qualify for funding!

Please congratulate our eight athletes who earned funding for there results in international competition in 2007:

2007 Wildwater Team - Funding for Performance!

Tom Wier$1,105.26
Rodney Rice$631.58
Chan Jones$315.79
Tierney O'Sullivan$315.79
Doug Ritchie$157.89
Jeremy DiCasolo$157.89
Mike Baker$157.89
Rich Roehner$157.89

The key is for everyone to stick with it and continue to improve!

C-1 Medalists in Team Run - Cody Beach, Logan Hartle and Craig Adams