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Directions/Race Information for Nationals

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman

August 15, 2007 -- Marietta, GA

Tom O'Sullivan was nice enough to look up the directions to Zoar and the race.

Directions to Zoar Outfitters, the race organizer:
Starting in North Adams head east on Route 2 (Mowhawk Trail) and go over the mountain, about 20 miles. Zoar Outfitters is in the red house on the north side of Route 2 on the western outskirts of the town center of Charlemont. Look for the blue, white and green sign. [7 Main Street, 800 532-7483]

From Boston to Zoar Outfitters:
Take Route 2 west. Where Route 2 merges with Interstate 91 in Greenfield, take 91 south, but be sure to exit again onto Route 2 west at the next exit (exit 26). Zoar Outdoor is about 17 miles west of this exit. They are based in a red colonial on the north side of the road. Look for the blue, white and green sign. Driving time from downtown approximately 2 1/2 hours.

The Deerfield River is 1 mile west of Zoar Outfitters. The race is upstream (North) on the dryway section of the river about 30 minutes from route 2. The road to the race is just east of the bridge over the Deerfield and runs parallel to the Deerfield River.

Directions to the dryway section (3 years old) are in three sections and parallel the three sections of the river.

First: Directions to Zoar Gap (10 minutes):
Take route 2 west past Zoar Outdoor for about one mile. Just past the Shunpike(???) and just before the bridge over the Deerfield go right at a sign that says "Rowe/Monroe." This is the River Road. Follow this road until it forks. Go left at the fork. About 3/4 of a mile after going under a very narrow railroad bridge, you will cross over the Deerfield. Just upstream of the bridge is Zoar Gap. Parking is just before the bridge on the right.

Second: Directions to Fife Brook Dam (10 more minutes):
After crossing the bridge at Zoar Gap, continue along the River Road for approximately another 5 miles. In just under 4 miles you cross over the railroad tracks that enter the Hoosic Tunnel. Past the next small grouping of houses, the road turns sharply left and then more gradually right, then passes a green farmhouse on the left. Note: skip this next part: [About 1/2 mile past the green farmhouse, take a right onto the put-in road as the River Road turns left. Follow the put-in road to the end.]

Third: Directions to the Dryway put-in ( 10 more minutes):
Follow directions above but continue up the River Road rather than taking the right onto the put-in road. You will soon be following the Bear Swamp lower reservoir on your right and in a mile and half or so you will pass the entrance to the Bear Swamp Visitors Center. About half a mile past the Visitors Center is the turnoff (on your right) to the Dunbar Brook Picinc Area, which leads to the takeout. for the put-in, continue past the entrance to the picnic area and into the townof Monroe. Take the only right in the center of Monroe and follow the road to the bridge over the river. Parking is on the river side of the road only on the far side of the bridge.