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International News on Wildwater

Tidbits from sitting in meetings with the ICF Wildwater Committee

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman

August 8, 2007 -- Marietta, GA

I was thrilled to represent the USA (and sometimes ITA in addition) at the Race Meetings at the Jr. World Championships. Candidly, the race organizers did such a good job on most things that there was only moderate fussing about the Jr. Worlds and more focus on our beloved sport of Wildwater. Here's some of the tidbits and news I picked up.

The 07 Jr. Worlds were run very well. The quality of the event bodes well for future USA events for all paddlesport venues! There is interest by the ICFWW committee for a 6 Cup World Cup venue in CO like we had in 2003 in Kernville.

The Europeans got to experience what we go through every year when we go race in Europe. There was a renewed interest in standardizing boat designs and providing "rental boats" for visiting nations. At a minimum, I helped so many folks with boats and transport that I have a lot a favors to call in.

2008 Worlds - The ICFWW committee has petitioned the organizer to move the classic race to a course that meets the bylaws requirement of a minimum of a class II-III river (not to exceed class IV). In addition they have requested that the flow of water to the Sprint Course be controlled or it must also be moved (as it was too dangerous this year). See I heard the Mezzanna course mentioned (but don't bank on it yet). In any case, the dates for the Worlds of June 5-8 will stay the same even if the venue moves.

2008 World Cups - Only World I & 2 have been confirmed and they are on the schedule for June 14 - 15 in Karlovy Vary Czech Republic. World Cup 3 & 4 will be afterward. The exact dates and location have not been finalized.

The 2008 Jr Pre-Worlds and 2009 Jr Worlds will most likely be in Switzerland on the Englebergeraa in early to mid July for both years. The organizers say they are committed to providing boats and transport for visiting nations. Chris Osment may volunteer to be the Team Manager in 09. He "knows the Englebergeraa very well as he raced and paddled there several times. It is Nanty +. Its pretty straightforward, but the waves, and the drops are slightly larger than the Nanty. The Nanty will make a perfect trials for the Engelbergeraa. It is not hard on boats" he reports.

It's only a matter of time before Women in Canoe (WIC) eventually become a reality for the Worlds. I will continue to ask, what happens if WIC's show up at the 08 Worlds? Will they be able to race? My best guess is it will be 2010... but stay tuned!