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Lisa Adams Awarded the First Medal Ever in C-1 W at the 2007 Junior Wildwater Worlds

Lisa's skills help convince ICF Officials that Women in Wildwater Canoes Should be More than a Dream

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman

July 24, 2007 -- Charlotte, NC

The USA earned more than the bronze medals with our K-1W Sprint Team (O'Sullivan, Kunz and Pierotti) and C-1 Team runs (of Adams, Beach and Hartle) at the 2007 Carolina Junior Worlds. We found a way to have Lisa Adams in as a forerunner in every event in C-1W and she earned respect.

I was totally WOWed the first time I followed Lisa down the difficult USNWC course in Charlotte in a practice run. I could hardly wait until we got to the bottom to tell her that "I have not observed such a natural switch hitter in C-1 since Fritz Orr and Andy Bridge."

Veteran Wildwater Team Member Chris Osment had a similar observation. He said that he has "never seen anyone switch side on top of the haystack waves like that since Andy (Bridge), and that Lisa's natural ability has to be among the best in the World."

Lisa's efforts as a forerunner were not in vain as she showed the ICF, the race officials, and the general public that woman deserve to race Wildwater canoes as much as anyone. The Carolina Worlds Organization made a point of awarding Lisa a special medal for her runs in C-1 W to demonstrate what Woman in Sport are doing. (note: There currently is no C-1 Woman's class).

I'm thrilled that Lisa and the Carolina Junior Worlds Organization were able to help make progress for interational competiton for women in wildwater canoes!