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2007 Western Junior Wildwater Team Trials Results

May 16, 2007 -- Durango, CO

Congratulations to our Junior National Wildwater team members from the west!

 K-1 Men
  1. Lucas Palko-Schraa (Durango, CO)
  2. Alex Dodge (Boulder, CO)
  3. Michael Turvey (alternate)

K-1 Women

  1. Sarah Kunz (Durango, CO)
  2. Anna Pierotti (Durango, CO)
  3. Sarah Dodge (alternate)

Braving sleet and snow, 25 athletes competed to make the Junior Wildwater team. The Animas River was rocking and rolling at 2080 CSF as paddlers ran the classic race on Saturday, May 5. Lucas Palko-Schraa raced to a gold medal and secured a spot on the team for K-1 men. Sarah Kunz paddled hard for a silver medal and her place on the team for K-1 women. Laura Adams took gold in the event, but she already qualified for the team at the Eastern Team Trials.

The sprint event on Sunday, May 6 also saw stiff competition. Sarah Kunz paddled to a first place finish, adding glitter to her accomplishments of the previous day. Anna Pierotti’s silver medal finish earned her the second spot on the team for K-1 women. Lucas Palko-Schraa took his second gold for the event, with Alex Dodge paddling in the silver medal position. That finish earned Dodge the final spot on the team for K-1 men.

Here's the complete results:

Classic Race

PALKO-SCHRAA LukeK120:54.81
DODGE AlexK121:37.89
PEHA NekoK122:36.74
TURVEY MichaelK123:31.72
GRIFFITH GriffK124:07.00
HARTLE LoganK124:16.89
FARNEY LukeK124:17.96
BROWN CullyK124:55.68
CLARK MattK125:13.45
BORST JohnK125:23.93
SAMUELSON KierK125:39.06
FARNEY AndrewK126:26.74
SURDHAR RaviK126:37.21
KRING MalcolmK127:32.29
TAM AlexanderK137:15.27
ADAMS LauraK1-W23:22.16
KUNZ SarahK1-W23:30.01
REEVES MickiK1-W25:09.78
COLTON MariahK1-W27:00.04
PIEROTTI AnnaK1-W27:09.05
DODGE SarahK1-W27:29.97
HINTON TylerC125:48.79
LOKKEN ZachC126:02.61
PALMER WillC137:03.90

Sprint Race

PALKO-SCHRAA LukeK11:15.011:16.102:31.11
DODGE AlexK11:23.061:21.012:44.07
HARTEL LoganK11:33.251:30.073:03.32
TURVEY MichaelK11:38.051:28.413:06.46
BROWN CullyK11:35.361:34.673:10.03
FARNEY LukeK11:38.391:37.373:15.76
GRIFFITH JPK11:36.731:44.373:21.10
GRIFFITH GriffK11:34.041:47.463:21.50
PEHA NikoK12:02.251:25.373:27.62
ADAMS CraigK11:38.542:03.763:42.30
FARNEY AndrewK12:06.566:29.008:35.56
CLARK MattK11:37.95DNF
KUNZ SarahK1-W1:28.971:25.352:54.32
PIEROTTI AnnaK1-W1:32.121:30.543:02.66
DODGE SarahK1-W1:34.771:35.403:10.17
COLTON MariahK1-W1:50.501:39.003:29.50
REEVES MickiK1-W2:13.651:55.624:09.27
ADAMS LauraDNF1:50.55
LOKKEN ZachC11:41.401:34.253:15.65
HINTON TylerC11:42.161:42.613:24.77