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Wildwater Clarifies Junior Team Selection Process

To Ensure a Full Team for the 2007 Junior Worlds

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman

February 4, 2007 -- Atlanta, GA

To ensure that our rules support having a full team at the 2007 Junior World Championships, and to add clarification, the Wildwater Committee (WWC) of the USA Canoe/Kayak Team has amended the bylaws. ICF (International Canoe Federation) Rules allow for each team to have up to 6 boats per class and to be able to race up to 4 boats in the individual events (and 3 boats in the team races). The WWC is dedicated to having a full team as the 2007 Junior Worlds are a once in a lifetime opportunity for our Juniors.

In addition to adding the bylaws amendment below which clarifies how the team is to be selected using East/West Junior Trials, the WWC will consider filling any open slots (should there be any). Upon completion of the Junior Team Trials process, the WWC will consider petitions to fill any unfilled slots from any national coach, USACK staff, and WWC members, for up to 3 days after the completion of Team Trials. The WWC will consider the athlete’s past race results, their ability to race Wildwater, and their commitment to train for the 2007 World Championships.

One aspect that complicates team selection for juniors is the need to have an East and a West Trials system. We believe that we have developed a system that is fair to everyone involved, and will maximize participation and our performance.

Please see to review the complete set of Wildwater bylaws. Amendment 4.B is below.

4.B.1. Junior Team Section When Split (East and West) Trials are Utilized:

  • The selection method will follow the guidelines for set forth in the Bylaws, while talking into consideration that there are split Team Trials.
  • The fastest Sprinter and the fastest Classic Racer (not already chosen) will be selected in each class at East Trials and at West Trials and will be named to the team (i.e. for a total of 4 boats per class).
  • The third fastest boat in each at East Trials and at West Trials will be named to the team as an alternative boat. The third boat will be the boat with the best combined percentage (not already chosen). The purpose of the two alternative boats in each class (i.e., one from the East and from the West) is to fulfil ICF requirements allowing up to 6 boats per class in an International Race or a World Championships. The alternative boats will train with the team and will fill in as forerunners if allowable.
  • Any boat which qualifies as one of the top four boats (i.e., finishes in the top two in East or West competition) will race in at least one event (Classic or Sprint) at the World Championships. For the remaining events, in the spirit of racing the four fastest boats, an alternative boat may race in one of the top four spots at the World Championships due to one or more of the following:
    1. One of the top 4 boats elects to give up their spot.
    2. It is unanimously agreed upon by the coach and the two boats involved that the alternate boat is faster on the course to be raced and a change is appropriate.
    3. A time trial is held and the results show that the alternate boat is faster on the course to be raced and a change is appropriate.

4.B.2. The USA Team will be selected first and foremost from the Team Trials selection process. Athletes not selected in at the East Trials are free to compete at West Trials and visa versa. In the event that there are remaining slots for the Team, the following process will be used to fill the vacant slots if any exist at the conclusion of East and West Trials:

  • Should any slots remain unfilled, racers who performed well at East or West Team Trials but finished in 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th place will be eligible for team selection (if they are capable of safely racing).
  • The process of selecting the team from Team Trials participants who are capable of safely racing/training at the Junior World will be followed until the 4 best boats and the 2 alternates (up to 6 boats total) are chosen.