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Animal Upper Gauley Race (September 25th)

How FAST can YOU do the GAULEY???

by Donnie Hudspeth
Race Organizer

August 21, 2005 -- Hico, WV

Hello fans of the Gauley River! Hope you have had a great season and of course now it is time to think about. The Gauley!!

Summer is winding down here in WV, which means the Gauley Season is just around the corner. Its really been a hot one here, with plentiful rain (in fact, it has poured the rain all day here today.;-), so you can look forward to some warm water coming out of Summersville Dam! Having said that- we are getting all geared up for another awesome race on the Gauley! Awesome water, great food, prizes, beverages, music..

The website is now up and fully loaded with the info and registration forms for you. Online registration is up and running, and in the past there was a small fee for this service - but no longer! We suggest you pre-register to save a few $$ and help us plan.

We will be sending out a few more emails with sponsor information, links to partners, updates.

I hope you find it useful and keeps you focused on the Gauley and the race! To go directly to the Gauley site, click on If you would like more information, have questions about the area or logistics then you can email us at

We are currently working on discounted raft trips for friends or family to watch the race from Sweet's after a trip on the Upper, and even portrait photography for the competitors and safety boaters. It's going to be another awesome race, plan now to join us and bring a friend or two, to race against!! Spread the word.

How FAST can YOU do the GAULEY???

See you in September!

Donnie Hudspeth
Mountain Air Productions